Monday, August 5, 2013

Big Brother...Big Snooze?

After watching this season of Big Brother, I now understand Rachel Reilly's famous quote of, "Floaters get a life vest." Seriously folks, this season is all about everyone merely doing what the "house wants them to do." Yes, this line is said over and over again in fear of upsetting the controllers and being the next on the to oust list. All the big targets are gone and it's just floaters and the leaders left at this point. And who is it that is leading the house? Who is this oligarchy that attained control over the houseguests?

 Culprit 1: Helen. Helen started the game pretty quiet and then when Elissa went on the block early on in the game for some reason she partnered up with her and was able to flip the house. And then the next week she won HOH and since then she has continued to play the part of the HOH. She seems to have a hand in the weekly nominations, most obviously being last week when Aaryn made a deal with her that if she won HOH Helen could pick the noms and she did and the person she was targeting, Howard, went home. Part of why I think she has this position in the house is because of her Mama Bear persona. She's loving and nurturing and doesn't go off on aggressive tirades (ahem, Amanda) when she's been duped. When Howard bold faced lied to her about not being in the Moving Company, she showed no anger. Not even when Jeremy went off on her and the other Have Nots about drinking wine, she just cried. And yes, she cries a lot for reasons that I just don't understand, but then there was a diary room moment when she mentioned that she often sheds the tears to manipulate people. And thus her background as a political consultant must work for her, kill them with kindness and they will eat right out of the palm of your hand. Bottom line, she's lovable, everyone sees her as a mother figure and thus they go to her to lead the way.

Culprit 2: Amanda. Initially Amanda started the game off well. Sans the showmance, she was good at playing the game logically without bringing emotions into it. She made quirky comments in the diary room interviews and was overall a good game player to watch. But in these last few weeks, after closely aligning with Helen, the power has gone to her head. Just as I had predicted, her forthright nature has become her downfall. She is now just coming across as aggressive and borderline bullying. For instance, last week when she heard that Spencer was trying to get her out she confronted him and retaliated with some kind of threatening remark. This is a game, Homegirl, it's inevitable for people to come after you, not everyone is going to follow your lead so you can win a half million. And then after Spencer, she goes after Jessie in a duel that supposedly lasted hours because Jessie dared to attempt to turn the house against her and vote her out. (Which would have been a genius move had either Spencer or Jessie been able to carry through.) What Amanda doesn't have going for her, that Helen does, is that likeable quality and never having won a competition. The deeper into the season we go, the more aggressive she gets and the less of  a physical competitor she is perceived to be. (Which, in this season's game is a good thing.) Thankfully she has McCrae to put her in her place, but for McCrae if he wants a chance to make it to the end then he needs to get her out as well, because she is 1/2 of his game play and with such a volatile partner there's no we he can make it to the end. That would be some amazing game play, to watch McCrae flip the house on her!

Now, the power structure is not a direct result of the dictators, the houseguests are highly to blame as well. CBS really casts based on looks and not personality (or intelligence) when playing this game. You've got too many mice in this house who fear going against Helen or Amanda. People need to step it up and play the game. I'm so tired of people wanting to vote with the house. Come on, let's see a revolution! Bind together and get out Amanda or Helen! Everyone is perpetuating the house dynamic and going after the same people. This is Big Brother, let's ruffle up some feathers and create some shocking alliances.  Helen was smart to attempt to align with Aaryn back in week two because she knew noone would suspect it. Where has that line of thinking gone? Everyone is just handing Helen the $500,000. She should be your target, not your leader!

The past few weeks there's been one target at nomination and that person gets sent home. There's nothing interesting going on live feeds all week and thus my excitement for Big Brother is waning. It's pretty pathetic when an argument about not being invited to Helen's barbecue takes up a large part of last night's episode. And the only reason Gina Marie wanted to win HOH was for a bottle of hair dye. A bottle of hair dye?! She was even offering McCrae to pick both nominations and have the HOH room as long as she got the hair dye. Why are you on Big Brother?!

I've come to not even read the feeds past veto ceremony because even with the America votes MVP twist, nothing exciting is going on. I mean, the best part of last night's episode was when Spencer walked in when McCrae was scolding Amanda about her argument with Jessie and told them, in his bull horn, that he was going to brush his teeth and get out of their way.

This week is a double eviction, so hopefully the mice will not have enough time to be told how to nominate or vote and thus we'll see people's true colors? One can only hope.

Helen and Aaryn

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