Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MTV VMA Requisite Shockers

I know, I know. I'm far too old to be watching the VMAs. I really wanted to see the N'sync performance to where chubby, middle aged men would be prancing about in matching costumes singing Bye Bye Bye. Before I had a chance to tell Hubby he informed me that they were going to perform and that he was recording the pre-show and actual show because there were some acts he wanted to see as well. Wow, does this sound as embarrassing to you as it is as I am writing this?

And so I watched the show today while the kids were napping. Correction, I fast forwarded through the entire show only watching Miley Cyrus ruining Robin Thicke's performance with her raunchy gyrations at an attempt to garner more attention than the Madonna/Britney kiss and the Taylor Swift snub heard round the world and of course Justin Timberlake's 13 minute long production that personifies what a live performance should be. Seriously folks, Miley's disgusting display was such a mockery to live performances because it waned in comparison to JT's montage of music. Sadly though, the N'sync performance was a tad pathetic. Much as I anticipated middle aged, chubby men trying to re-live their youth just did not come off too well, if anything it highlighted the fact that Timberlake has succeeded in life because of his ability to sing and dance, unlike the others. I'm sure they're good at something though.

Now that I've got my shame plastered all over this post, lets move forward and actually look at the clothes of the teenagers and critique them. Wow, is this what Giuliana Rancic's job has become?

Since I didn't watch the show, all of these are based merely on photographs, except for Taylor Swift who was panned over to about ten times during JT's performance. According to gossip blogs, mainly because none of the big guns came out for the show.

Taylor looked absolutely beautiful, so refreshing to not have the bangs in her face. But unfortunately, she was dressed for the wrong event.  More Grammys and less VMAs.

This is actually quite understated for the Gaga. And as usual, I'll just say no, no and no. Leather? Bow? And is that a train?

Why with the tongue always sticking out? The hair has got to go. Is it me or is she starting to look a little asexual? (Thus the compensation with the dancing?) 

A little too dominatrix. Being that she's so young, she should have gone with a shorter ensemble for the VMAs, not feeling this one. It's just ho hum

I don't care for this dress by any means, far too reminiscent of Britney Spear's ensemble in her first revealing performance at the VMAs, but very VMA appropriate.

Far too similar to Toni Braxton's barely there white dress at the Grammy's years ago (Where is the originality?), but the color is pretty, I just don't care for it from the waist down. 

Probably my favorite of the night. Maybe a tad conservative, but it's her style and her way of rolling into the MTV awards. Love it,  something I would even wear. 

Other than dating Rob Kardashian, I'm not sure how she's relevant. It's definitely VMA appropriate, I like the top half, but the belt or sash or whatever it is is not working. But the feather train fits the setting she's in. Loving the shoes!

I'm just going to make a blanket statement and say that I don't care for Katy Perry's style. The leopard print with fireflies prancing on the top? A turtleneck? A 1990 Madonna hair do? It's all wrong.

Now this is what I think of when I think of a girl group going to the VMAs. I didn't realize they were ever big enough to get a reunion performance at the VMAs, but apparently they are.

I don't care for houndstooth print, and the poofy thing around the waist is ugly, but had she just had the top and skirt it would look good (despite the print). It would be a sleek, slimming silhouette. Oh, and  I'm not feeling the bangs nor the choker, also downgrades the look.

I actually like this look. Sleek and conservative yet with some some raciness with the fit and the cut outs. Perfect for this award show.  Channeling a little Angelina too, no?

Here we go again with the florals, just not my cup of tea. Overall, nothing too fantastic about the dress. More of a movie premiere dress, for a young, rising star she really needed to bring it out with some pizzazz! 

How is she still relevant and being invited to this award show? I don't think I even need to explain why this is a no.

I must say, that of all the looks of the night, the best of all was the look on Will Smith's childrens faces while Miley Cyrus was performing.

Overall, the looks of the night were sub par, just like the show. It's probably my age and the fact that I no longer watch MTV that I just don't understand much of the styles. It's official, I'm becoming an adult because I just don't understand kids these ages. What I truly don't understand is that how does a music television station that no longer plays music videos have a video music award show? 

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