Thursday, August 8, 2013

The No Sew Tote Bag

I know, kind of crazy, no? The thought of making a tote bag without sewing? For those of us who are sewing challenged this is right up our alley. For those who can sew, you are looking at this with bewilderment and know that it's going to fall apart (As did a sewing inclined girlfriend of mine did). Well, let me just explain to you what happened.

So I was perusing facebook and came across a friend of a friend's ex coworker's (I jest, but seriously isn't that who we are essentially stalking on fb?) picture of a rainy day activity she did with her kids, no sew tote bags! They were so cute! Immediately I had to know how she did it so I actually read through her comments and saw that there was a youTube video on how to do it. 

It seemed pretty simple, all you need is fabric, the straps, staples and duct tape. It was a tote bag done MacGyver style. I am by no means a crafty person, I have ideas in my head, but when I carry them through they always look more like something Sweet Pea has created at school. But since I have an uber infatuation with handbags, I had to make one. My justification was that it was much cheaper than buying an actual handbag!

And so I went to Hobby Lobby to buy the supplies. I felt like Britney Spears siting in a Differential Equations class. Seriously, so many options, who do I ask for help, there's noone around? And so I finally picked out my fabric and rang a bell and someone showed up to help me. The girl was a bit apathetic, but as usual I bombarded her with my conversation and questions and finally she opened up, either because she thought I was friendly or just wanted to shush me up. Regardless, she explained to me how you buy fabric by the yard (Oh? I can't just give her my dimensions?) and directed me toward the belting fabric (Apparently not referred to as straps as I thought) and the duct tape. 

And so off to home I went to put together the tote bag. I'm not going to bother with the step by step instructions since it's explained in great detail in the video above. 

So I made two different bags. In the first one I did not have enough duct tape, yeah you need about two rolls for one bag (Apparently DIY tote bag does not equate with cheap tote bag considering duct tape is about 8 bucks a pop for the fun colors.), and so there is a mix of colors on the inside (Since I had to use some of the duct tape I planned to use for the second bag) and just doesn't look too good. For the second bag I made I had to buy more duct tape and I must say the gold color came out really good on the inside. 

As you can see by the size, there is quite a bit of space to stash everything you need in it. 

I really was proud of this bag and was anxious to use it as my library bag. So I stacked up my two books and all of the kids books and headed out to the library. Diaper bag on one shoulder, library bag on the other Bambino on one hip and holding hands with Sweet Pea as we walked over to the car. We made it to the car, I open the door and BAM! busted strap. (You knew that was coming, didn't you?) Are you kidding me? To say I was annoyed, is putting it mildly. At this point the alarm was on and I did not want to head back into the house to get another bag so off to the library with busted bag in tow. By the time we reached the library, my frustrations brewing and hair awry as usual, I looked like a homeless bag lady, diaper bag on one shoulder, Bambino on the hip, no sew tote bag under my arm held like a football with one strap dangling about and Sweet Pea with her arms wrapped around my leg as we walked through the parking lot. 

So where is the chevron blue tote bag now? On the floor in the corner of my bedroom. I can't let myself let go of it, it looks too cute but I can't seem to fix it. So what have I learned from this arts and crafts story? That I just don't have a knack for it. So what did I do after all this? Go and buy a sewing machine. Yes, more to come on that...

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