Friday, August 23, 2013

Today's Workout: August 23, 2013

I've noticed interest in a lot of the posts I do on fitness, so I thought I'd start sharing my daily workout routines, especially since many of them are available for free on you Tube.

Now, let me put this disclaimer in here. I am not a certified trainer nor do I have any degree in exercise science, etc. I simply find workouts and build them together daily simply by how I am feeling. I do not plan ahead for the week or month, just go by my mood when I wake up at 5am. (Which is usually not a good mood.) I am not striving to lose weight or targeting any area. I gauge how my body feels in the morning and what I am in the mood for, whether it is kickboxing, strength training, yoga, whatever. And sometimes, when I'm feeling lethargic and I can't decide I'll just click on the first video I come across and jump right into it.

While yes, I do have a library of workouts, I've somewhat bored myself of those and have been using all the free ones off of Popsugar, Befit, Blogilates and whatever else is out there. (I have yet to resort to Richard Simmons, but never say never!)

So here goes with today's workout...

Today was one of those days where I was tired and not sure what I wanted to do, so I started with Be Fit in 30 Extreme Total Body Weight Loss Level 1: Calisthenics.  Being in that it was level 1 and only calisthenics I thought it would be easy, wrong. While yes, it was easier than level 2 and 3, still tiring none the less and got my heart pumping. Instead of cooling down with the video, I held a 60 second plank and then 40 sec side plank, switching sides in between. I knew I was continuing my workout, so I didn't feel a need to cool down.

I actually wanted to do another BeFit workout, but some reason after about 10 seconds the screen kept going blank, so I went over to Popsugar. After the cardio workout my heart was pumping and was ready for more cardio, so I went with one of my favorites, the Crunch Fitness Cardio Tai Box Workout. This trainer, Mike Donovanik, really needs to come out with a home DVD, he has a real knack for being in front of the camera. 

30 minutes down and my body was tired from the cardio. but I wanted too complete 40 minutes so I chose a working recovery (I love those words!) with this Popsugar 10 minute upper arm workout. Sometimes I add in squats along with the upper arm movements, depending on my energy level. I was able to do this a couple of times today, but not too much.

And that's it! 40 minutes and the workout is done! 


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