Saturday, August 24, 2013

Today's Workout: August 24, 2013

I woke up feeling really tired and sore today. We took the kids to the pool yesterday after dinner, so maybe that's why. (Because I was swimming laps with Bambino on my back and all.) Usually on weekends I like to wake up with the kids and then do my workout after their breakfast, leaving them to Hop on Pop, but we have an early birthday party this morning so 5am workout it was!

I had no idea what I was in the mood for, but something light. I settled upon one of BeFit's newer BeFitGo workouts that were filmed on the beach. I did one early this week that was a melding of yoga, pilates and cardio. It wasn't too bad and this workout was called Total Body Bikini Blast Workout- Level 1. Once again, I was fooled by that Level 1 Title!

Overall, good, intensive 30 minute workout that had numerous bursts of cardio along with balance and core work.

Since that was 30 minutes I wanted another 10 minute BeFitGo workout, preferably something on the beach. These workouts require no weights and not even shoes (which can be kind of odd when doing jumping jacks or burpees, but it works.) I wanted to do the Longer, Leaner Legs workout, but that one was 20 minutes, and I just wanted a 10 minute workout to round out a 40 minute workout. So I went with my only option Sexy Arms. (Wow, you think this is marketed towards women, or what?)

This workout was basically just an extension of the previous workout, with numerous spurts of cardio moves along with balance and abs. I didn't think it was arm centered, but yeah, my arms are a little sore right now.

So much for my light, easy workout today. But I'm done. 40 minutes in and out of my living room!

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