Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today's Workout: August 25, 2013

It's a dark, dreary Sunday morning, kids are fed and running around the house. So what do I do? Leave the kids with Hubby and go for a run!  I ran for 40 minutes around the  neighborhood. I wanted to run longer, but my IT band injury from years ago was acting up so I had to cut it short. I have no idea the distance because I didn't go on any of my usual, set paths. I stayed closed to the house since it was drizzling and in case the thunder and lightening started I wanted to be close to home, so I just meandered around.

Nothing exciting on this run, no cows running on the streets of this master planned community today (No joke, I did come across that about 4 years ago.). I saw two rodents, scared off a pack of ducks and was startled by neighbor who drove pass me and honked at me three times. (Surprisingly heard over the Beyonce blasting through my ears.)

So sorry, no free videos today. Check back tomorrow and I'll have more. 


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