Monday, August 26, 2013

Today's Workout: August 26, 2013

Happy Back to School Day to all you parents out there!

Ok, so today's workout was more just for stretching and light strength training, nothing exhaustive at all. First up I went back to the BeFitGo Beach workouts for a 30 minute Yoga Fusion Workout. It got my heart rate up a tad, but nothing like a real cardio workout.

To make it a 40 minute workout, I did one of BeFit's 10 minute Power Yoga Workout. I had done it before and I love how it quickly moves through the traditional Vinyasa yoga poses to stretch out the body. And the British lady's light sparring with her football player husband is fun to watch too.

This was a great, light workout. While the Yoga Fusion Workout had some side to side jump squats, nothing too intense to make the workout out of control, especially on a light exercise day. 

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