Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today's Workout: August 27, 2013

Don't laugh at me, but I was in the mood for some cardio kickboxing today so I resorted to good ol' Billy Blanks. I actually have two of Billy Blanks DVDs, but for some reason I can't find them so what to do? Go to youTube. There are so, so many of his workouts on there for free. I chose a 44 minute one. Not sure of the title since the person who uploaded it just called it Exercise Fitness Tae Bo Billy Blanks.

It was a great workout up until about the 38 minute marker and it abruptly turned into some kind of tae chi cool down for six minutes. Yes, six minutes! Most of his workouts do not have such a detailed cool down! Otherwise, good workout. Kept the heart rate up and somehow my arms were really tired! I do prefer his Bootcamp Tae Bo workout, will have to search for that DVD or find it on youTube.

So I shut off the video at the cool down and went searching for a BeFit 10 minute workout since I still had energy to complete my workout. I settled upon the BeFit Go Hot Bikini Body Workout.

When doing this workout I realized the Tae Bo workout really gave me a workout and I was tired. Refusing to ever stop mid-workout, I pushed through with the air squats and burpees only to find solace in the planks at the end.

Great workout today. 48 minutes total (not counting the 6 minute cool down I skipped.) I think I may search another Billy Blanks DVD for tomorrow. Who knew all those punches would really work your arms?

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