Monday, September 2, 2013

The Chobani Crisis is Going Strong

As you recall, I've had quite the difficult relationship with Chobani Yogurt. I love the peach flavor with the mixture of thick, creamy peach yogurt with chunks of sweet peaches on the bottom. But for some reason I kept getting cups of watery yogurt. I contacted Chobani and got some coupons only to end up buying more yogurt that was watery. I found that H-E-B was the worst with watery yogurt but that Kroger and Central Market was quite thick, but $.25 more per cup! When you eat one cup a day it adds up!

And then I thought that the location of the Chobani in the fridge affected whether it was watery. There was one sweet spot in the back that would make other food frozen and Chobani partly frozen and partly thick. So I kept placing it there until my sweet spot no longer worked! So then I just stopped buying Chobani all together, especially since H-E-B raised the price back up! I've recently been buying Stoneyfield's Greek Yogurt with either honey or strawberry for me and chocolate for Hubby. It's not as thick as Chobani originally was, but not as thin and watery as Chobani currently is.

And so since I couldn't find any other information about it on the Internet and didn't want to bother with constantly complaining to Chobani and getting free coupons that the cashiers at H-E-B would hesitantly except, I banned the product all together and put the issue to rest.

Until this past week when I noticed that my Chobani post had been getting many hits! I googled the words  "Chobani Recall" and my post was the first to come up! And then yesterday I received a comment stating that the Chobani Crisis was alive and well and to check out Chobani's Facebook page. And indeed such is the case. I am not the only one that was suffering admist the Great Chobani Crisis! This is an epidemic! Watery yogurt everywhere with cries for a recall to no avail!

And then today I googled Chobani Recall and it's quite apparent that the Chobani crisis is literally a crisis! Many stores are taking the yogurt off its shelves because the yogurt is spoiled, but not past it's expiration date! Apparently Choabani is not actually referring to it as a recall, yet are asking stores to take a certain lot of 6oz cups off of shelves. Ahh, semantics. The backlash that comes with the word recall, I suppose? 

The social media manager at Chobani is working his copy and paste skills in overtime because for every comment someone makes about their unacceptable Chobani on Facebook, they are directed to the same page I submitted to receive my free coupons. Which were a pain in the arse to use!

And while I haven't been consuming any Chobani in the past few months, I went to a specialty grocery store yesterday and stocked up because they were 5 for $5 and they were thick! I shook them all and couldn't hear the runny consistency. Granted, they sat in the car longer than needed and became runny, but I put them in my sweet spot in the fridge and thick again! What does all this mean? I have no idea, but I am enjoying my thick Chobani and but still do not plan to purchase any thin, runny expensive Chobani from H-E-B. But after reading this article this morning, I'm questioning whether I should have eaten that Chobani this morning.


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