Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Chobani Recall is Official

If you've followed my Chobani Crisis closely, then you are aware that there has been something murky in the Chobani cups and quite literally this is the case. Chobani is officially recognizing that the withdrawal of the yogurt is now called a Voluntary Recall, for all of you concerned with semantics.

If you have any Chobani yogurt with the code 16-012 and the Best By date 9/11/13 to 10/7/2013 then please contact Chobani's customer loyalty team at According to their webpage, there is a mold (Which according to the Cho people is common in dairy products that use no preservatives, meaning excuse are oh so healthy yogurt, this is what happens when you don't use the Yoplait Mickey Mouse yogurt) in a small batch made in their Idaho facility. They've asked stores to take most of them off the shelves, but for the small amount still out there which is the reason for the recall. You can contact Chobani's customer loyalty team to get a refund or replacement.

I tried to get to their site last night but there was too much traffic and I could not access it. This morning, there's heavy traffic but you can access their press release on their site.

All jokes aside, at least Chobani is taking the matter seriously and offering refunds or exchanges rather than simply taking items off of the shelves.

Now the question remains, I have four thick and creamy cups in the back of my fridge that do not contain the cursed code, should I consume them?

Thanks, AK, for bringing this to my attention!  

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