Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where Did the Tiffin Girl Go?

Where did I go? Absolutely nowhere. No grand vacation that has kept me out of pocket for awhile. No family crisis to keep me away from blogging. That's correct, there has been no actual hindrance between me and my blog. Well, maybe one. I have nothing to write about! I'm still looking eye to eye with that big boulder of blogger's block. Everything I think to write of sounds too similar to something I have already written. I need something new and fresh and I figured writing nothing is better than a Carrie Bradshaw french fry article. Or is it? Let me ponder what's going on in the world to spice up some blogging inspiration...

I could write about the crisis in Syria. But really, pop culture is my forte. Unless of course I care to critique Putin's ensemble during his meeting with Obama?

I could write about the exciting tale of the first Indian-American Miss America, Nina Davuluri. But unfortunately her story is filled with hate and racism by many viewers of the pageant, so rather than waste my time and ruin Nina's story by discussing the ignorant I would like to simply give big props to Nina. She's a born and raised Indian American girl who represented her heritage with a Bollywood dance performance during the talent competition. My thoughts on the purpose of pageants aside, you go, girl! So obviously this isn't an entire blog post. What else is there...

How about what's going on with Lamar Odom? Is he a crack addict? Is he buying supplies to make his own crack pipe? Did Khloe kick him out of the house? Why did he refuse a drug test? What's he hiding? Again, not a full blog post considering there are no answers to any of this. Am I really going to speculate when that's what we have TMZ for?

Or maybe the new show Divas on E!? Sadly to say, I think I'm kind of getting hooked. Not to the point of putting it on DVR rotation, but whenever it is on and I have time to watch tv, I do watch. I've never watched WWE nor do I know anything about it, but I am impressed with the athletic prowess of these women, wow! I've pretty much gotten hooked to the show becauase I have nothing on Bravo that I'm watching right now. I know, shocker? I've stopped watching Housewives of Miami and New Jersey and neither Housewives of Beverly Hills nor New York City are on right now so what does that leave me with? A plethora of wedding spin-offs? No, only Bethenny could pull that off.

Bethenny! Perhaps writing about her new talk show? I recorded the first episode and watched it after the kids went to bed and kind of liked it, but not really the type of show to record and watch. And with the kids awake when it comes on, don't think I could watch it live. Maybe that's proof that it really isn't that good of a show? It's attainability to DVR status?  I do like to see what she's wearing and her failed attempts of taking the attention off of her and putting them on her guests. I mean, come on, she  made a career of putting herself as the center of attention and making it all about me me me, so to turn it around must be hard, but isn't that the key element of an interviewer?

Or maybe a post about a recent book I read that I loved? I actually contemplated this one about Jennifer Weiner's book Then Came You.  It's the story of the birth of a baby. Now, we're not talking immaculate conception or anything, but of a couple who use a surrogate with donor eggs and a tummy mummy (A little Jane Green reference for you) to bring the baby into the world and then you add in the mother and half-sibling and you've got yourself a story. But when I write about books I always struggle with how much to write and who my audience is. Those who haven't read it and to tell them about the book or those who have and to "discuss" what happened.

I also thought of a full article of Big Brother spoilers (Stop reading here if you don't want to know who won the first two HOH competitions). Specifically, how so many people think Andy is a rat. He may have floated by (Unlike in his graceful fall into the pool. Catching a moth? Huh?) and stabbed some people in the back, but he made it to the final three. And Gina Marie and Spencer. These were literally the last people I suspected in the final three (Maybe not Andy) but to all those who think it's unfair that they are there, they were never evicted whether by default or actual game play, and now they are left in the end fair and square. I'm really anxious to see who wins, especially considering the first HOH endurance comp lasted a whopping two minutes! I just read that Andy won competition number two. So Gina Marie vs. Andy? My money's on Andy. So is it a given that he will take Spencer? I'm thinking yes.

Or maybe even an entire article on McCrae. What happened to him? Amanda is what happened to him. In the first week he was kind of the Ian from season 14, the quirky oddball. And then he got with Amanda and her loud mouth worked his game. Personally, I think he wanted out of that relationship, but how could he break up with her? You know he would have been a large target considering Amanda was controlling the house for awhile there. Did you hear his interview with Julie post eviction? He didn't seem to think too much of Amanda outside of the Big Brother house.

Or should I write about last week's New York Fashion Week? (Thank you Giuliana Rancic for your incessant publication of the photos on your instagram page in case we were unaware what was going on last week.) But honestly, I just don't care whether vertical stripes or polka dots are in. I'm going to wear whatever is sold at Target, holes or not.

I suppose perhaps there are items I could blog about, so maybe if I get all Freud on myself the truth of the matter is that I just don't want to write. I tried to revive the blog with my Workouts of the Day, but that didn't last long. For some reason a daily blog post that was almost entirely cut and paste was far too large of a project to undertake. How did Julie of The Julie/Julia Project do it?

Carrie Bradshaw
Nina Davuluri
Then Came You
McCrae and Amanda

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