Monday, November 4, 2013

Enough with Halloween Already!

Once your child is aware of a holiday they are like a dog with a bone and will continually gnaw on the holiday that is the bone. So here is how the month of October played out for us:

Last Week of September: Decision that playgroup is having a Halloween party, we're hosting. Announcement that school is having a Harvest Party where kids can wear their costumes, we're bringing the fruit. Yay, party talk with the kids. Yay, party party party.

First Week of October: My parents, brother, Hubby and the kids go to a costume store to search for Halloween costumes. Sweet Pea immediately decides upon her role model, her icon, the Beyonce of all toddlers, Minnie Mouse. And after trying to put on every hat, wig, smock, cape on Bambino, only for them all to be chucked to the side in a fit of rage, a simple Superman t-shirt and shoes are purchased from Target with the plan that I will take the cape off of his 12 month old superman t-shirt and somehow hook it to new shirt. Yay, continued party talk with the kids. Yay, party party party. 

2nd Half of First Week of October: Minnie Mouse costume is worn for 48 hours straight, and after 48 hours three rips appear across the waist, down the side and down the back making the costume look like Cinderella's mice were pulling a fabric Tonya Harding. 

2nd Week of October: After the inability to sew together said costume to be presentable, we are on the hunt for another costume. We search through Target only to see the same flimsy material costumes for $25. And when perusing through the toy section, as we often do for a "fun outing" (fun for who exactly?), we came across a purple dress up dress that is much better quality and only $19.99. Score! Dress is purchased under the guise that it is the Sophia the First costume. Yay, continued party talk with the kids. Yay, party party party.

3rd Week of October: Irritation of Halloween talk and party party talk begins to get to me. Yay slowly evolves into exasperated sigh with a hint of annoyance.

2nd Half of 3rd Week of October: Hint of annoyance changes to full on annoyance and any bad behavior is responded with a threat to cancel Halloween. At one low point "Sophia" dressed is pulled out of the closet which resulted in tears and quick change of behavior. 

4th Week of October: Halloween candy is purchased as well as items for both parties. A friend of mine loans a superman shirt with a cape for Bambino (Note to self: cape from 12 month old shirt will not fit on a 2t), but I then find one at Old Navy that I purchase. Then later in the day at HEB I find a superman shirt with cape for less than half the price so then back to Old Navy to return the original shirt. After showing HEB shirt to Hubby he informs me that it's not the right color. Tough, it was only 7 bucks. Realization has set in that threat of cancellation of Halloween will be short lived and fear sets in.

Halloween Day: Despite the torrential downpours and floods, despite attempting to keep Sweet Pea dry and escorting her with an umbrella to the door of school only to go back and get Bambino with Sweet Pea running behind me in the rain to not be left alone, Halloween was still on. Sweet Pea's party at school was a success. After choking on a pretzel and throwing up all over his HEB superman shirt, Bambino goes to Gymboree in the original no-cape superman shirt. Apparently the cape wasn't the giveaway of what his costume was, his superman attempt was acknowledged by the Gymboree teacher (phew!). At home party was a success as well as the trick or treating with friends. After the friends leave I stay home to clean the house and Hubby takes the kids out for more trick or treating. I optimistically wipe the house clean of Halloween. 

Day After Halloween: 1/2 price merchandise everywhere. Discussion of Halloween on going at home. Minnie Mouse costume worn. I turn on Soapnet to catch my usual ten minutes of General Hospital (No judgement. I'll explain later.) and they are still in Halloween costumes. I am racking my brain for a new threat. 

Monday after Halloween: Minnie Mouse costume worn through the weekend and after school today. My  neighbors still have pumpkins in their yard, I contemplated chucking them through their windows. (I jest, I jest. Or maybe not?) I briefly turn on GH and they are still in Halloween Costumes! (I said, don't judge!)

Ok, I am really done with this holiday. Have I mentioned that Sweet Pea has an ongoing birthday present/party list. Her birthday is at the end of January and the mental list started in September. More leverage for behavioral conditioning?