Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Name is Tiffin Girl...and I Watch General Hospital

I know what you're thinking, typical stay at home mom hooked to soap operas eating bon bons while the kids are are fluttering around me, but that is so far from the truth...kind of. 

My covert affair with General Hospital began back in high school. I would come home from school around 2:45 and would always watch the last ten minutes of the show as I waited for reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 to start. It wasn't that I was enthralled by the show, but I did not have cable in my room and so it was that or Inside Edition, and I had yet to adopt E! News as my daily reading, so Hollywood gossip was of no interest to me, thus General Hospital it was. I was never consumed by the show, just kept up with story lines, which wasn't hard by only watching ten minutes a day. And I'm just remembering that on Sundays I would also read the weekly recaps of what was going on, along with other soaps, and I didn't even watch other soaps! I guess my love of reading was that strong that I would read anything?

And then when I went to college I would occasionally catch the show between classes depending on my schedule that semester. I never went out of my way to watch it and by then I definitely wasn't reading any recaps in the newspaper at the advent of the Internet. Since I was intermittently watching it was always exciting to see how relationships changed, who had children, who died and was resurrected and what not. While it was the antithesis of reality shows today, it was filled with much drama and of course I was drawn to it.

Between graduate school and having my first child, I never watched soaps. When the traumatic event of soaps coming to an end occurred it did not phase me. I had no connection to Lucky, Elizabeth and Nicholas anymore, I hardly could recall their names. It wasn't until recently since I've been bored with Bravo and the Housewives franchise that I've found myself flipping over to Soapnet after the kids go to bed that I've appreciated the fact that General Hospital was not cancelled.

At first I was intrigued with how the characters had evolved. Some of these characters were teenagers when I was a teenager and now they've had three children with three different men! Robin, whose boyfriend was dying of AIDS when I first started watching the show, is now a doctor who is married with a child, but was killed but wasn't actually killed and is alive but is not allowed to see her child and her husband is engaged to another woman! And then I got irritated that the actors had changed, how could the original Carly not stick around 15 years later?! She was my favorite on the show! Thankfully, then newest actress can spit out that Carly attitude quite similar to the original.

I know, so typical of soaps, crazy story lines with revolving door actors, and how could I watch? Yet look at reality television! Can you seriously tell me that middle aged individuals arguing over leaked stories to gossip magazines is more sophisticated television? These people are arguing over this garbage in real life, but the Corinthos/Jerome feud is fiction, purely fabricated for viewing pleasure. No lives are demising before us for our own entertainment and hate bashing on the internet for their children to inevitably see, or have already seen!

But don't think the bashing doesn't happen with Soaps either. I was curious about the reference Morgan has repeatedly made about the lie he was keeping from Kiki which was outed by Sonny at their wedding, so I went to Google it and came across the General Hospital Facebook fan page. Wow. Just wow. I cannot believe how immersed people are in this show. The hate spewed across this page regarding story lines, relationships and even the looks of actual actors! (Apparently the new Lulu has not been well accepted.) After going through the comments I've come to the conclusion that people out there really believe they are watching a reality show and think these characters are real! It reminds me of how I was watching the E! True Hollywood Story of Friends and someone came up to Gunther and smacked him with her purse for outing Ross's fling while they "were on a break."  I didn't believe there were people like that out there, but apparently there are!

So while I have found myself interested in the story lines of General Hospital, no I have not become one of those people who watches every episode everyday of the week and goes on message boards to discuss the happenings (I reserve that for RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules). I usually catch about the last ten minutes of two to three episode a week on Soapnet after the kids go to bed. Or if I haven't had time to watch it all week, I'll catch some of the shows on Sunday night when they have the weekly marathon.

And so there you have it folks, I do watch a soap. I have yet to know of another friend that watches a soap, but perhaps they too are in the proverbial soap closet for fear of the stereotype they will be labeled if it becomes known. Already I get the comments of how lucky I am to be a stay at home mom and what do I do with all the time, so I couldn't possibly allow those stereotypes be perpetuated with the fact that I watch a soap opera! But personally, I feel nothing wrong with immersing  myself in a bit of betrayal, scandal and embryo mix up at the end of a day consumed with projectile vomit, Henry Hugglemonster and flying cheerios. A mama's got get her entertainment somewhere beyond Disney Jr.! And so I hang my head up high and represent for the women...and men... out there who love them some soaps!

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