Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chicken Fried Rice

When I think of comfort food I think of rice. However you want to make it, fried, pilaf, pulao (whatever the difference) it's all good. I prefer me some glutenous, refined sugar white rice. Better yet, make it Indian style with a dollop of yogurt on top, yum! What you think of Macaroni and Cheese or even a Hamburger that is to what I dream of rice! And this goes way back. As a child my mother said all I ate was rice and yogurt with cut up hot dog in it. (Apparently I wasn't a vegetarian as a child.) Serve me up a big ol' plate of my youth right now! Minus the hot dog of course.

Sun Bird Fried Rice Seasoning Packet, .75 oz. (Pack of 12)So I make a lot of rice, Hubby loves it. East Asian, Indian, Mexican, Creole, from whatever culture it is, if it has rice I'll make it! Fried rice is a dish Hubby and I love, but it's loaded with fat so we never order it in restaurants, but I do like to make it at home a la healthful.  In the past I have used the Sun Bird brand of spice packet to make fried rice, but after watching an episode of Bill's Food on the cooking channel, I saw how simply fried rice was made, cooked rice, garlic, vegetables, chicken and a scrambled egg. So simple! So why the processed package o' seasoning? Rather than add in the additives, I could easily make fried rice with staples around the house and so I did.

Fried rice has now become a staple around the house. I take whatever vegetables and protein I have laying around the house and throw it in with some rice and soy sauce and voila, throw out that Pei Wei menu, dinner is served! I've even made this dish with a left over roast and hubby loved it!

Don't feel you have to follow the exacts for this recipe, just throw in what you like and taste your way through the process cooking for you and your family's palette. And this can easily be made vegetarian by omitting the meat.

1 Tbsp sesame oil (easily replaced with vegetable oil)
1/2 cup cooked rice
1 clove garlic, minced
1 stem green onions, chopped
1 medium carrot, shredded
1/2 cup frozen peas
1/2 cup frozen corn
1 egg
1 cup cooked chicken, shredded
soy sauce to taste (About 2 tsp? Not sure, I just throw in and taste)
1 tsp sambal paste or sriracha sauce (optional)

1. Heat oil in a pan. Add in garlic. Saute until softened. Throw in rice, green onions, carrot, peas and corn. Saute.

2. Sprinkle with soy sauce and taste. Add in chicken and cook until everything is heated through.

3. Push all your rice to one side and throw in the beated egg and scramble it right there next to your rice. Once scrambled, mix it into your rice. (If you prefer, you can scramble your egg in a separate pan and throw it in)

4. Add hot seasoning to rice and adjust to preference.

5. You're done, so eat!

Amateur Cooking Scale: 3
This dish doesn't take much work at all. I know I'm not exact with measurements it's because I make this dish to taste, which makes it even easier for you!

This dish is a staple around my kitchen, it's so easy to take leftovers and make it into a fresh, new dish. I actually have some leftover peanut butter pork tenderloin that I plan to make into a fried rice dish tomorrow. I wasn't joking when I said I make this often!


Monday, January 28, 2013

The SAG Awards:Red Carpet Style

Another award show that I have no idea what the show is about. SAG, so apparently it stands for the Screen Actors Guild. And what is it that they do? After doing some fully comprehensive research (Reading Wikepedia) apparently it's an Actor's union. Oh! I never knew! I live in Texas where unions aren't as common, I don't think I even knew what a union was until learning about it in college? Am I exaggerating? No seriously, or at least high school, not earlier. 

So anyways, apparently the Screen Actors Guild is a union that also offers pension and healthcare. Ohh! I've always wondered how actors got health insurance. I always assumed they either purchased their own plan or paid everything out of pocket. Hmm, maybe that's why Bethenny Frankel is seeking health insurance from her soon to be ex-husband Jason Hoppy. Since she has no union (she's no actor) and apparently doesn't want to spend her alleged $120 million she earned from selling the Skinnygirl brand to Jim Beam, she needs some health insurance. But that's neither here nor there.

Apparently this actor's union that offers health insurance to legitimate actors (This does not include you Alex McCord, your pathetic attempt at acting on Couples Therapy in order to stay relevant in pop culture does not a SAG card carrying member make.) also hands out awards!

Ok, now that we know what the SAG (Seriously, who watched the awards? Weren't they on TBS or TNT? Other than reruns of the Big Bang Theory, what else comes on that channel? I'm sure the E! Red Carpet show had higher ratings.) is, lets talk red carpet!

Overall I was fairly unimpressed once again, actually it was worse than the Golden Globes. There really wasn't any legitimate styles that stood out, at least not in a good way. It appeared that both black and navy blue were popular colors of the night and neither color looked too striking. Rather than point out my critiques here, lets just start this...

The Better Dressed 

Busy Phillips (The best of the night. I love how amazing she looks so far along in her pregnancy. I love this style for her even if she wasn't pregnant!)

Sophia Vergara (I would only suggest that the straps both go over the arm, I don't like the asymmetry of it. Otherwise, stunning color, hair and makeup.)

Tina Fey (She's really been pulling it out these past two award seasons, her stereotypical comedienne blase attitude regarding Hollywood conformity is gone, although I kind of liked that about her.)

Mayim Bialik (I'm shocked by this too, but she really was able to adhere to her self proclaimed conservative dress beliefs and also stay trendy, kudos to you, Blossom! )

Sally Field (The Gidg is just so good at dressing her age, yet also being stylish.)

Jenna Fisher (Love the hair and make-up and conservative look. The only thing missing is some confidence, she looks completely uncomfortable on the red carpet.)

And The Almost Better Dressed...

Nina Dobrev (If it didn't have the slit and the belt, it would be best dressed. Love the color, fit and hair.)

This dress was almost jaw droppingly perfect, except for the color and the obvious odd geometric pattern dangling down the side. And the make-up, she looks like she's battling the stomach bug and has been vomitting all day and then just threw on some dark lipstick that mimics the color of a finely aged Merlot on your lips.)

Worst Dressed...

Nicole Kidman (The hair, the dress, it's all bad.)

Kate Flannery (I give her major props for looking so great for age, no, she looks great period, but the sparkles remind me of Stacey Carosi in the Miss 4th of July contest on Saved by the Bell. If it were a solid, black dress, she'd be best dressed.)

Lea Michele (She's far too young with an amazing body to be dressed in an Amish tutu.)

Kaley Cuoco (I love Penny, but Kaley rarely knows how to pull it together at an award show. This length is a hot mess, for some reason I keep thinking she's on her knees. Girlfriend, you seriously need to get a new stylist, or maybe you just need a stylist.)

And what was with the channeling of  Reece Witherspoon Oscars 2011 Style?

January Jones

Julianna Marguiles

And it's all just a copy of Julia Roberts 2001 Oscar's style

And let me just say, I think the style missed the mark every time, so why the copying?

And lastly, much love to Giuliana, she really stepped it up from the Globes and is back to her usual razzle dazzle...

So while I still have no idea who was nominated and who won what (I didn't even know television shows were nominated for awards! I was shocked by all the small screen stars that were there!), I thought the styles of the night were ho hum. Maybe I'm just not understanding the current trends. It's not that everyone looks horribly bad, it's just that we're missing that sparkle factor. (And no, Flannery does not count, that's the bedazzled factor.) Fingers crossed we have better looks at the Oscars! 


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tom Colicchio, is that Fried Chicken I Smell? No, Just Hypocrisy

Don't let the photo fool you, the crooked smile, the one eye closed, the jovial appearance. If you are an avid watcher of Top Chef, as am I, you know that jovial is far from a word that describes Tommy Boy. Intimidating, brash and undiplomatic are much more describing of this Head Judge. I recall him on Watch What Happens Live! responding to Andy Cohen's comment on his lovely scarf in an irritated manner saying that a car wasn't sent for him so he had to walk from the West Village and thus he needed the scarf because it's cold. So dare I contradict this brazen beast? Yes, because what's he going to do shun me for my faux chicken salad not being very exciting a la Grayson in Top Chef: Texas?

As I said last week, I'm not going to be doing Top Chef recaps every week, but I do have some words for Tom regarding this weeks elimination. Click below to get my thoughts. (I don't want to ruin anything for those who have yet to watch their DVR recording.)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chobani, You Rock! (Not a Paid Endorsement # 4)

Full House (TV show) John Stamos as Jesse Katsopolis
Mmmm. Chobani. Now, don't be fooled. I wasn't on the Greek yogurt bandwagon the minute Joy Bauer mentioned how Greek yogurt should be the only type of yogurt consumed or the minute Jon Stamos tried to convince me that eating Greek dairy would have me hallucinating visions of Jesse Katsopolis in a leather jacket sporting a mullet. (Because isn't that every stay at home mom/housewife's dream?) Oh no, I don't follow everything that pop culture media proclaims. I don't believe in gluten free diets if you aren't allergic to gluten, I don't weather the current fashion trends of the when it looks hideous on me (i.e. floral skinny jeans) and I definitely don't partake in Wine Wednesday with Hoda and Kathy Lee at 10am. (Or should I say I'm not abstaining from alcohol this month just because they are. Although I did see Hoda cheat on Watch What Happens Live! What was that fruity concoction, Hoda? Those drinks are only acceptable in an exotic location of if you are Kim Kardashian promoting Midori.)

Seasoned Yogurt Rice RecipeSo no, I never felt any need to try Greek yogurt, I was happy with my sporadic eating of Yoplait flavored yogurt or plain, fat-free Horizon yogurt. (I eat a lot of plain yogurt with Indian food- rice!- and of course I put it in hummus.) It was actually my parents who got me hooked. After hearing the hub bub about Greek yogurt and its health benefits my mom decided to buy some, mainly because of the high protein content. Instantly my parents were hooked. They would often give it to Bambina when she would spend the night with them and she loved it too. I once tried the plain version with Indian food and was highly unimpressed. It was thick and just didn't work well with rice. It was too much like sour cream.

And then my mother made some spinach dip and replaced the sour cream with greek, plain yogurt and mmmm it tastes like sour cream! (In this instance it was ok. Sour cream in spinach dip, yes. Sour cream on rice, NO.) And then my mom left a cup of the peach Chobani in my fridge and so I tried it as for it to not go bad and man was it ever good! Thick and creamy with a chunks of peach on the bottom, that's some good stuff!

So then I too was hooked and had to try every flavor, strawberry, apple, blood orange and concluded that the only one I actually like is peach. The others are far too gooey and sweet whereas peach has a perfect balance of sweet and tart along with a slight crunch to top it off. And then I started buying the children's Chobani Champions for Bambina and of course she loved it

So why the declaration that Chobani is so awesome? Well, actually it's their amazing customer service that deserves the kudos!

raspberry liquid yogurtLast week I bought my usual horde of Chobani 6oz cups and Chobani Champions. I went to give Bambina her cup at breakfast and noticed it was a bit liquidy. It was much more of a substance that you would drink than consume with a spoon. I could have put a straw in the cup and fed it to her. Hmmm, I thought, is it expired? No. Is the fridge not working? No, the temp is fine and nothing else in the fridge has gone bad. I tasted it and it tasted fine. Must be a fluke, I thought, but still threw it out. And then later that night I went to have a peach cup and noticed the same thing, why so liquidy? I was actually annoyed, here are two cups that I threw away because even though they weren't expired, the consistency just ruined the taste.

I called my parents, the Chobani King and Queen to get their input on the situation and my father informed he recently had a liquidy peach flavor that ruined the taste for him and has since stopped eating it. What? Why was I not informed of this? My mother, who still consumes the protein packed piece of goodness said that when yogurt is made at too hot of a temperature it will come out more liquidy and then went on to explain how she used to make yogurt and her experiences. Hmmm, so it must not have to do with my fridge.

TwitterAnd so I went straight to the Chobani website to make my formal complaint. I noticed on the website it said that you can get a quicker response if you go to Twitter, so to Twitter I went (Gratuitous plug: Follow me at @thetiffingirl, you can be my 4th follower. Seriously, I only have three, two being family and the other being a random security company.) after my formal complaint was complete.

I explained to the Chobani talking head my situation to which I did indeed get a speedy response telling me to make a complaint on the website and someone would get back to me. Been there done that, but ate least talking head was quick and friendly. Well, that was on a Saturday so I knew I wouldn't hear anything until the week. And Monday morning I had a reply right away! I was told that they sent the information (I had to type in the code on top of the yogurt containers I had complaints on. Yes, there were more than just those two cups.) to quality to find out what happened with that exact cup. They asked for my mailing address so they could send me some coupons. I was hesitant to give out my address for fear of whether it was legitimate, but went ahead and did it.

I waited for my coupons and waited and waited. (Ok, it was only 5 days.) And they arrived! I received three coupons for free 6oz cups and two free coupons for the Champions 4 packs. No way! I was truly expecting only some ten cent off coupons, but they really did give me back the money from all the yogurt that was bad!

So what did go wrong? Why so liquidy? God forbid, was it a problem on the seller's side, my precious H-E-B? Or was it all on Chobani? And is it ok that I did eat one liquidy one? (I wanted a quick, healthy snack!) Unfortunately I'll never know,  but I do appreciate the champion that is Chobani. (Lame pun intended.) Oh! and I always make sure to check the expiration date and shake every Chobani container before purchasing,
I suggest you do the same! (Don't worry if other people eye you while doing it, it'll save you having to eat...drink your yogurt with a straw.)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sesame Street: The Best Show You're Not Watching

Please don't look at me with that same look the other mothers gave me at Chuck E. Cheese when I was partaking in the Chuck E. version of Dance Dance Revolution, shaking my thang to B-I-N-G-O. I'm really not crazy, just me out. 

If you're like me, you often put on PBS and let your child watch, knowing that shows like Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood are appropriate viewing material for your children. The times that Bambina watches television are when I have housework or cooking to get done. (When I clean the bathroom she likes to bring the iPad and watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while helping me wipe the counters with her own rag. Hopefully this will last through the teen years. The cleaning part, not the watching Daniel Tiger.) I usually just keep my ear to the television to listen to what is going on, but don't fully pay 100% attention.

It wasn't until Bambina got into the Sesame Street that I felt such amazement for the show. Somewhere around 18 months to 2 years old Bambina started memorizing the choreography of the skits on the show and was acting, dancing and singing to the tunes. I was finding that the songs were so catchy that even after she went to bed I was singing them, and they weren't obnoxious songs like Miss Mary Mack! (Lets be honest, I love to sing and dance with my kids but Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack All Dressed in Black Black Black? Really, what are you singing about?)

Not only are they catchy, but you've got celebrities like Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars singing these songs too. Sometimes they make kid friendly, educational parodies of their own hit songs and sometimes they write new songs just for the show. Oh and the parodies aren't just of songs, but of actual television shows too!

In case you are wondering, Sesame Street is filled with skits, both cartoon and real. There are also short dialogues between celebrities and Sesame Street characters where they discuss words of the day such as backwards or stubborn. While there are regulars on the show such as Maria, Leela and Chris (Some have even been there since I was a child), in every episode there is at least one celebrity.

So the epiphany that I've had is that the intent of the show is to be entertaining and educational to children yet also entertaining to the parents to entertain them through the doldrums of life. Again, would I sit with my child watching a black and white stick figure sing Ms. Mary Mack? No, but if you put someone relevant in pop culture today, say Usher, singing a parody of the song to a funky beat (Did I just type that? Forgive me.), then I'm going to pay attention. (Although, I can't imagine a parody to Confessions, how could you turn a song about cheating and getting another women pregnant into something kid friendly?)

Explaining this to you will never get you hooked, rather let me show you some videos of how much I love this show.

Here's a parody of the show Glee while teaching children about the sounds of the letter G.
They get every aspect of this show down from the large ego of Lea Michele to the fabulosity of Chris Colfer. They even end the skit with a G parody of Don't Stop Believing!

And the Iron Chef parody with Jason Schwartzmen is a favorite around the Tiffin Girl household...

And most importantly, lets not forget the great music on Sesame Street! After dinner the kids and I participate in Dance Party. It's where we play Sesame Street tunes on you tube and dance around the living room. (Bambino crawls.) This is where mommy gets in a mini workout at the same time because dancing with a toddler more resembles a Jane Fonda aerobic video rather than dancing in the club to "It's my birthday, we gonna party like it's my birthday..."  (You're giving me that look again, the Chuck E. Cheese look.) 

My favorite is Will I Am's song What I Am (Hey, I just got that!)
And Bruno Mars's Don't Give Up...

And of course, the first Elvis Costello song I ever heard (Don't judge. At least I knew who he was!)

Oh! And Train's parody of Drive By...

And no, it's not all sappy and cutesy, Ricky Gervais made sure to bring his bag of wit when he stopped by to visit Elmo...

If watching these clips didn't get you pumped on all things monster, then you must be one of those that watches Honey Boo Boo and I'm never going to convince you of watching more scholastic entertainment. (I know, I'm addicted to Bravo, but I can be cerebral at times!)

To end on an 1980's Afterschool Special note, if you have a child and aren't watching Sesame Street, this is definitely something that's great family bonding. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Carrot Soup with Crisped Chickpeas

May I first say, how impressed are you with my final product? Oh, so see the original blog post version from Smitten Kitchen...

carrot soup, tahini, lemon, crisp chickpeas

Not so bad, eh? 

As you know, when it comes to photography and food my dinky blog pales in comparison to the big ones out there like Smitten Kitchen, Eat Yourself Skinny and the plethora more in the world of food, photography and blogging. My blog is the one that attempts to make their food and shows you what a real photo of the dish looks like taken off of your iPhone with a baby screaming, the microwave a flutter making loud noises all while Mickey Mouse is in the background doing the Hot Diggity Dog dance and apparently so too is your toddler, on the couch. So you quickly take the photo so you can yell at your child for jumping on the couch! 

 So I was looking up vegetarian dishes because I was tired of eating my same, boring foods. I love butternut squash soup, it's become my favorite. So I was in the mood for a warm hearty soup. It's actually been pretty chilly here in Texas since Christmas, so some warm, thick soup gliding down the throat sounded good to me. I noticed on the Blogs I Follow list Smitten Kitchen had a recipe for carrot soup with chickpeas. Well, I love carrots and I love chickpeas so I decided to try it. I have never had carrot soup before, but whenever I make baby food for Bambino I always try a small bit for temperature and cooked carrots taste so good, even without any seasoning. And then for Christmas dinner we had some amazingly delicious glazed carrots and so carrots then became my it dish. 

I checked out the recipe and it looked easy enough and so I went with it. Since I love chickpeas (Hummus is a food group in the Tiffin Girl household) I decided to add the exotic crouton on top. Overall the dish was pretty good. It has some cumin and coriander in it so it gives it a familiar, motherland type of flavor to me and the cripsed chickpeas were amazing, how have I never eaten them before? 

As I ate the leftovers over the week I realized the taste didn't sustain through the course of the week. Yes it was good, but with butternut squash I could eat it morning, noon and night. So no, I don't think I'll be making this dish again because I'd just rather make butternut squash soup, But the crisped chick peas were great, I may just make those for munchies! 

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 lbs carrots
1 onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1/4 tsp coriander
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp salt or more depending on taste
4 cups vegetable broth

Crisped Chick Peas
1 3/4 cup cooked chick peas (or 1-15oz can)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cumin

1. Heat two tablespoons olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add carrots, onion, garlic, coriander, cumin, salt and saute until they begin to brown.

2. Meanwhile, heat oven to 425 degrees. Toss chickpeas with olive oil, salt and cumin. Spread them on a baking sheet and roast them until they are crisp. (This can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes) Toss occasionally.

3.Once vegetables have begun to brown add broth scraping any brown bits at the bottom. Bring to a boil and then simmer and cover with pot for thirty minutes, stirring occasionally.

4.Once carrots are cooked through, use an immersion blender (or regular blender, like me) and puree until smooth.

5. Sprinkle crisped chickpeas on top and serve!

Amateur Cooking Difficulty Scale: 3
This is a lot easier than the butternut squash soup because you don't have to break down a butternut squash! I went the expensive route and just used a bag of baby carrots so I wouldn't have to peel and chop, it was a lazy kind of day.

Overall, easy recipe, good tasting, but makes too much for just me to consume. I may make this again if I have guests to share it with. I think they would at least appreciate the aesthetics of the dish, didn't you?


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Top Chef: The Story of the Martyr of Restaurant Wars

I know Top Chef Restaurant Wars aired on Wednesday and today is Saturday, but hey I DVR everything and watch it at least two days later, so I'm just now posting. I know all the hoopla surrounding the elimination has died down, but since I just watched it it's time I spouted my highly volatile thoughts! 

If you've read any of my posts you know my love for the Emmy Nominated Top Chef. (I don't only watch garbage shows like the Housewives!) I love that the show truly concentrates on food, rather than the debauchery of the contestants. (Maybe a little debauchery, but not like network sponsored alcohol parties which lead to all things bad. Ahem, The Real World. It's been 20 years, enough with that show.)  They did go a little off track in season five by filming the tete-a-tete between Hosea and Leah, but I think they realized the show did not pick up in ratings over that romance if anything it lost a little credibility  but all was brought back with Stefan's lollipop concoction in the finale. 

And if you're wondering, no I don't plan to write about Top Chef Recaps, there are enough blogs that have that covered, but after watching Wednesdays episode I need to express my thoughts regarding the elimination heard round the world. 

In respect of those who haven't watched the episode, click below to take you to my thoughts.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hermes: I Just Don't Understand the Obsession

Maybe you can help me with this, but I just don't understand the obsession with Hermes. From watching reality television and reality television news shows to browsing gossip blogs and reading gossip magazines anyone who wants to be anyone wears Hermes. Whether it is the handbag, the belt or watch, if you're wearing Hermes you think you've made it.

Now, I don't like Hermes. I just don't like it. And no, it's not because it's something expensive that I would never spend such money on, I'm blatantly honest with what I want but refuse to indulge in.  I'm not impressed with the brand and I feel it's become an it purchase if you want to flash your cash. Actually, I find it a little disgusting to be honest. Ok, I understand that the leather and craftsmanship that goes into fashion can be expensive which leads to certain items being priced high, but a handbag that costs $40,000 is just ridiculous. That's the price of a car! 

Let's break it down, shall we?

The Birkin Bag

Product Image

Ahh, the illustrious Birkin Bag, named after the English actress and singer, Jane Birkin. The Birkin bag is what has brought the Hermes name to popularity within the last 10 years or so. (Or so it has brought attention to my eyes, you may disagree.) I didn't realize just how long this bag has been around until I was watching an old episode of Sex in the City and Samantha lamented how badly she wanted the purse and Carrie responded, "A Birkin? But that ain't even yo' style," in a ghetto fab voice (I just loved Carrie's comical nature). She then attempted to get the bag but there was a multi-year waiting list, but by throwing down the I'm a publicist for Lucy Liu card she got the purse right a way. Really? There was a waiting for this purse? 

And then every D-list celebrity had to have a Birkin bag and it became more of a household name. Seriously, I'm amazed at just how many of them carry this bag....

Nicole Richie

Kim Kardashian

Lindsey Lohan

Bethenny Frankel

And the list goes on! There are a plethora of celebrities who carry this bag which for me wanes from its shimmer. I definitely don't want a bag that Lindsey Lohan was seen toting. If only the execs at Hermes knew that LiLo is disadvertising for them.

And the drama surrounding this purse! Taylor Armstrong (from the Housewives of Beverly Hills) was being sued for X million dollars but had a bank account for zero so the accuser agreed to settle the case by Taylor giving them her wedding ring and two Birkin bags only for the Birkin bags to be found fraudulent, they were fakes! And Francesca Eastwood lighting a Birkin on fire for a photo shoot on the E! Reality Show Mrs. Eastwood and Company created quite a stir in the reality blogosphere, how dare she throw so much money away! 

And so all I can conclude with this purse is a simple supply and demand. It's a rather highly priced purse, hard to obtain and thus only the elite have it and so everyone must then have it. And then anyone who wants to the next Paris Hilton (It was Kim Kardashian but that ship has sailed so there is an opening at the moment. While Clint Eastwood's daughter Francesca killed a Birkin to represent the atrociousness of the bourgeoisie  she's desperately in the running for the position. Did she not star on an E! reality show? Just wait for the accidental leak of an inappropriate video and the position will be filled. ) goes to purchase it and thus we have much more demand than supply

The Hermes Belt 

I'm not a big belt wearer. Actually, it wasn't until this year that I realized hey, if I wear my belt my low rise, stretch jeans won't sag down. I won't look like a sloppy mess constantly taking a break from parachute time at Gymboree to pull up my jeans! And so I took one of Hubby's belt that he doesn't wear and started wearing it. (He has a rather small waist and apparently I do not.) It's simple and black and you can't tell it's a man's belt, it's unisex. Suffice is to say, belt aficionado is not on my resume. 

It was some reality show that I was watching, can't remember which one, where they kept acknowleding the H on their belt and that it represented Hermes. "Oh gosh, the same company of that Birkin bag?" I thought. And then I noticed that everyone wears this Hermes belt, men and women!


gifts, Father's Day, Drake, replica Hermes belts, replica belts, Hermes replica, designer

Tara Reid

Emma Roberts

Cristiano Ronaldo

The belt just may be more popular than the bag! I'm not a big fan of wearing something with the label splashed across it, and the Hermes Belt epitomizes this. Why should I pay to advertise your belt? It's obvious this belt is worn to represent the fact that you have the money to buy an Hermes belt, thus every celebreality star owns a belt. The cost appears all over the place. Some are a mere $300 while others are $3000. Sounds like a lot to spend for the letter H. I could just cut out the letter H from Bambina's Sesame Street flashcards and wear it on Hubby's belt. 

So no, I don't understand all the hoopla for Hermes. I know all the fanfare is dying down for Hermes now that the Kardashians are all donned in Hermes bags and belts, but I just don't see why it was so great in the first place. Perhaps it's just subjectivity, but I think the style of the brand is ugly otherwise this could possibly be a dream board post.