Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yoga for the Warrior: Another Bob Harper Review

You may be thinking I'm a little obsessed with Bob Harper considering all the DVD's of his I've purchased, but I find his workouts to be rigorous so I thought why not purchase his yoga DVD as well? I've never attended a yoga class before. Always been too embarrassed with my lack of flexibility and basically just insecurity of looking like a fool next to all the yogis in the class. I once attended a step aerobics class where I had to leave after about 12 minutes because I could not keep up with the choreography and the glamorous male instructor did not make any effort to teach the routine. And it didn't help that all the retired women of the community, who were well adept at the class, were stepping that day, only to make me even more embarrassed. I worried that I was going to look like Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall in a yoga class. I feared the instructor would notice my limitations and encourage me to stay in child's pose the whole time!

It was after my Sweet Pea was born, three years ago, that I went into my home workout craze and came across Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown on ExerciseTV. At the time I was slowly easing into exercise post delivery so I thought yoga would be a great way to go.  I had very little experience with yoga other than the yoga workout in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and since I had gotten hooked to JM's 30 Day Shred, I thought this would be perfect. I really enjoyed the workout, she took basic yoga moves and put a JM spin on it to make it more rigorous. Since it wasn't as intense as Shred (she doesn't do the moves for that long and thus the burn isn't too intense), I found myself doing the workout on a rest day or when I was having aches in pains. From there I started doing other yoga workouts on ExerciseTV and really enjoyed the stretch it had on my body, and how much those sun salutations really worked out my arms!

And so after I got the Bob Harper Workout Collection I went researching other of his workouts and came across a review for his Yoga DVD. I read  that the workout was in typical BH form, intense and leaves you sweating. So I just had to get it! And get it I did.

So none of the moves were foreign to me, because of all the yoga workouts I have done from my living room, but the workout really pushes you hard. Not quite the hardest yoga routine I've ever done, that would be reserved for an ExerciseTV yoga workout that is lost in space since I can no longer access it. (Unfortunately, it's not one of the videos that other ExerciseTV allies have posted on you Tube!)

The DVD starts out with stretching and moves quickly into planks and sun salutations and chataranga push ups. He has it all in there, standing splits, warrior one, two and three, triangle pose, tree pose, lunges in warrior one and more and more. My arms and legs got quite the workout.

I really appreciated how not intimidating the workout was. He has two hard care yogi women in the front, and a big, as in muscular, guy in the back who lacked the grace and finesse as the women, yet showed no hesitation when going into awkward airplane. It was encouraging to hear Bob repeatedly say that even though Big Guy wasn't as flexible as the girls and had to modify he was getting the same workout as the ladies since he was pushing just as hard. It made me feel good to know that even though I cannot do a standing split (or maybe even a standing perpendicular), I was still getting a workout since I was pushing myself to the limit.

The only drawback to the video is that at around 20 minutes left he goes down into mat work. He does some ab work, but mostly stretches. I would have preferred that he reserved most of those 20 minutes for abs and then less of stretching. He does have a separate 15 minute ab workout on the DVD and I think that next time I do the workout I might stop it at 20 minutes left and move over to the ab workout. (He does do a cool down stretch at the end of that workout.) Granted, the stretching is really good and for a light workout day this is perfect because the feeling on the body afterwards is amazing. So I definitely recommend you try it out! 

Overall, I must say I'm glad I invested in this DVD. Now, if you're looking for a true, authentic yoga DVD that teaches how to quiet the mind and focus on breathing, this is not for you. If you're looking for a yoga DVD that is focused on being an intense exercise routine, then this is for you. I've been searching for a yoga workout to do on the regular that fits that bill and this is definitely it. It challenged my body yet also really stretched it out (not just the specific stretching portion) all while not coming across as intimidating, as many yoga workouts do. And best of all, I can do it in the privacy of my home so nobody can see my tendency to fall into shivasana when the chataranga push ups beat up my arms.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spicy Goat Cheese Meatloaf

Sorry folks, no photo for this one. It was kind of a throw together meal after finding a recipe that I had all the ingredients for, so I wasn't sure how Hubby would like it and whether it would be blogable. Big mistake. You see, the night before I took some chicken, spinach and feta sausage that I oozed out of the casing and mixed it with some marinara sauce and pasta only for it to be denied, so I wasn't sure how this was going to go. But luckily, such wasn't the case for the meatloaf.

I have a meatloaf recipe that is in heavy rotation around here. It's actually a Giada recipe that I shockingly I stick to the exact recipe! Hubby loves it as does anyone else I've made this dish for, including friends and family. My brother even asked for the recipe and my mom makes it too! So I don't usually stray from something so beloved, but I hadn't hit the grocery store yet, so I needed to make dinner with what existed around the house. I decided on a simple meatloaf with a vegetable pilaf, but I had no sun dried tomatoes or feta, so Giada was not going to be making an appearance in our kitchen.

So I perused the internet for goat cheese meatloaves since I had goat cheese and turkey meat. You may think it odd for including goat cheese in meatloaf, but since feta cheese meatloaf is a hit with the Hubs, why not goat cheese? And that's what I had! Surprisingly there were quite a few goat cheese recipes, and when I landed on one in which I actually had the ingredients for, score!

Now when you think about the random hodge podge that goes into a meatloaf recipe, you would never think it would actually come out tasting good, at least that's what I think. But as a vegetarian I don't actually eat the meatloaf, so maybe if I ate it, as a carnivore of course, knowing what's in the recipe I wouldn't like it? No, I doubt it. But seriously, from Worcestershire sauce, to milk, to tomato paste it's such an odd combination!

So Hubby ate the spicy goat cheese meatloaf with rice quickly before his basketball game on Monday night. At first he asked if this was a new recipe, to which I was a little worried on where this conversation was heading. And then he asked what I put in it, uh oh, I thought. I'm really doomed. And then after finishing his plate he told me it was really good and had a kick to it. Yay, he liked it! I assumed goat cheese, hotness and meat he would of course devour. What more does he need?

And so I've found another meatloaf recipe that pleased the Hubby. Next I'll have to make it for my dad and see if it gets his seal of approval.

Click here for the original recipe.

The original recipe is actually some kind of stuffed meatloaf where you're supposed to spread the goat cheese on the meat and then roll it like a jelly roll or something? I don't know, but I chose to just dump all the ingredients together and no one was of the wiser.

1 lb lean ground turkey (or beef if you choose)
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1 egg
2 cloves garlic, minced (recipe calls for 1/4 cup onion, but Hubby doesn't like onions)
1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 Tbsp dijon mustard
1 pkg goat cheese, crumbled
2 Tbsp millk
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp dried parsley
1 tsp chili powder
2 Tbsp ketchup or tomato paste (I used ketchup)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Mix all ingredients except meat. Once all are mixed together, then add in meat and mix. Careful not to over mix.

3. Spray loaf pan with nonstick cooking spray. Place meat mixture in.

4. Bake in oven for about 45 minutes to an hour until done. (I baked for an hour.)

Amateur Cooking Difficulty Scale: 3
I like to make meatloaf only because it's simple, mix it together and bake it in the oven dish. My Sweet Pea is not the biggest fan of meatloaf, but if I slice it thin, add a slight of cheese and grill it like a sandwich I can get her to eat it too. Two people's meal out of one dish, a rarity in this house! Although, I didn't try it with this dish since it was a bit spicy.

Definitely incorporating this into heavy rotation around here!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exploring Handbags at Saks: Reed Krakoff

My girlfriend and I were doing some serious shopping damage this past weekend when we came across the high end handbag section of Saks 5th Avenue. I was like Augustus Gloop eyeing the chocolate river for the first time, staring in amazement at the svelte, luxurious line-up of expensive purses that I see carried by celebrities in Us Weekly. From Chloe to Prada to Rebecca Minkoff, they had it all. With two small children I rarely go shopping, and if I do I don't have time to peruse purses that I choose not to afford so to be able to walk through this fashion museum that to others is like picking up toilet paper at Target, a necessity and a little excitement when splurging for the two-ply soft stuff, was a perfect Sunday afternoon made. 

And so as we were looking around we first stopped at the Chloe bags, examining the colors and chit chatting with a couple of the salespeople (I'm shocked that they spoke to me, did they think I was going to throw down a couple grand on a bag? Ha! Perhaps they were desperate for a sale.) From Chloe I noticed a large corner with the label Reed Krakoff. Hmm, I thought, what is this high end designer? And so my friend and I  walked over to examine this mysterious high end designer. How is it I am unfamiliar with a purse line that is neighbors with other status symbol labels such as Prada and Michael Kors? 

As we walked into the corner my eyes were quickly drawn to this royal blue satchel.

Reed Krakoff 'Boxer' Leather Satchel

If I were the type of person who threw around the word "love" I would love all over this purse. The color, the size, the silhouette my former purse obsessed self would have seriously considered splurging, or maybe just perused the internet in a tormented frenzy stopping at nothing to find something affordable and almost as stylish.

The saleslady walked over with us and heard me mention to my friend that I had never heard of Reed Krakoff. The surprisingly friendly Saks saleslady (Seriously, does she need to make a sale to rent her next Chanel handbag from Bag Borrow or Steal?) mentioned to me that Krakoff once was a designer at Coach and then left to start his own line. I did jump on the Coach bandwagon years ago because I truly liked their style, except for the bags with the C's splattered across them. I thought the style was very classic yet trendy, but with it becoming such a fad I let go of buying more Coach items. It was just too trendy and then too passe. So perhaps his own line would be something of adornment to me? After perusing the store more and then finishing our marathon shopping day I went home to do some serious wiki research.

So apparently Mr. Reed Krakoff exudes east coast, yuppy chic. He is the Executive Creator Director of Coach, the man who takes credit for the boom of the brand within the last ten years. Krakoff grew up in Conneticut where Martha Stewart catered his mother's house parties. He is married to the daughter of the former President of France, Jacques Chirac. Suffice it to say, Reed is not a poor boy who worked his way up the ranks story, this is a man that exudes wealth because he comes from it. Thus it is fitting that his handbags represent the lifestyle that is him.

And so I decided to check out  more of his handbags, after falling in love with the blue satchel and I must say I do love his style! It's very simple yet elegant and the color palette used is just stunning.


I adore the structure of this bag. Large and easy to stuff a couple of sippy cups in, but then why would I ruin a $2000 bag with milk and goldfish? But perfect bag for when I do go back to work! 
And the same style comes in blue! I must find a job immediately to a.) pay for the bag and b.) to have a necessity for the bag.

Reed Krakoff 
I love a white bag, love love love a white bag. Nothing better than small handles to wrap around the wrist. 

I also love the hobo bag. It's perfect for throwing items in and swinging it over the shoulder. It looks chic yet also resourceful as it's harder for a thief to sneak their hand into the opening and take your wallet! 

The purse in white! Need I say more? This is a far cry from my 2002 black Nine West hobo that I am still guilty of wearing.

Not exactly my style, but something about it drew me to it, I think it was that I initially saw it in white, which I loved. But I decided to show another one of the designer's color tones.


This deep, rich, luscious red is vibrant on this clutch. It would be striking juxtaposed a simple black dress. 

And then I saw that Reed also designs clothes and shoes! But my excitement was quickly tamed, his style is a bit banal, just lacking any personality. Not exactly my cup of tea, but apparently many celebrities have worn his stuff including Michelle Obama who wore it to the President's swearing in ceremony!

Obama And Biden Sworn In During Official Ceremony

Somehow the simplistic nature of Krakoff's style of purses did not carry out well on his clothes. Granted, he is a high end designer so people love his stuff, but I just find the look to be very blah. Or perhaps I'm just fashionably ignorant.

Pretty color, but I dislike the asymmetry. And what is the material?

Again, beautiful cobalt blue, but what's with the yarn look?

For those of us that do not have a Carrie Bradshaw sense of style, this is far too masculine for me and I know that style is on trend, but I still dislike it. 

Mesh peep toe booties? First of all, I never liked peep toe boots, add in the mesh and that's a big negative. 

Despite having garnered quite a few items of clothing on my shopping adventure, it was a grand success because I was able to discover a new designer. Again, laugh at me if you must, I understand his line came out three years ago, but much like Robin exclaimed on How I Met Your Mother, Canadians catch on to fads about a decade later (Recall Robin Sparkles, a knock off of Debbie Gibson and Tiffani combined, of the 1990s?) I am the thus like the Canadian fashionista, it takes me time to pick up on what is relevant (But I'm not Canadian). 

So basically now I have another handbag that I admire but will never shell out the money for. Ahh, Chanel, Prada, scoot over. There's another handbag about to share the bench with you. 

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Now Men are Going Louboutin Crazy Too?

Perhaps I'm behind with the fashion times, ok, so I'll admit, I am. And maybe men have been wearing Louboutins for some time now. But to give myself credit, I never did delve into the red soled, $1000, Housewives/C-list celebrity requisite shoe. I find the shoe to be just another branding scheme and to be seen with the luscious color pertruding from your heel was meant to be worn in a state of status. Apparently, by wearing these shoes it meant you had the money to wear said shoes or you had the means of getting your hands on a fake. (I.e. painting the soles of your Steve Madden look-a like pumps.)  Similar to hypercolor shirts in the 80s, are Louboutins of today (At least on my elementary school scale). Seriously, what was the point of those? In the 4th grade it meant you had parents that would splurge on an expensive shirt. Can you sense my bitterness for never getting one? 

And so of course I was watching a Bravo show, the Shahs of Sunset Reunion, where Cohen acknowledged Mike following in Reza's footsteps of wearing Louboutins. Ok, no shocker. Reza is basically a Housewife in a Persian, gay man's body. Let's be honest, he goes around spouting dialogue from the show and exudes jealousy of Lilly Ghalichi's thin, rich body and he loves that about himself. So him wearing Louboutins is no surprise. And Mike isn't cut too far from the same cloth, so him and his metrosexually coiffed self wearing male red soles is also no surprise.

It wasn't until I was watching Timberweek on Jimmy Fallon where I realized that the red sole craze had gotten out of control. Justin Timberlake was wearing Louboutins! Granted, JT has been known to wear some really crazy stuff in his boy bander days or Britney Spears days. 

Hollywood's Best & Worst Red-Carpet Moments
Justin Timberlake 90s
But I thought that after marrying Jessica Biel, the oh so elegantly chic dresser, she would be able to teach him that the two are at a status in which they don't need to wear items of clothing that scream, "I have money and I'm famous!"

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have reportedly had their relationship head a bit south.

Justin Timberlake Married

It was during Justin and Jimmy's History of Rap Part 4 performance when...wait. Did you catch that? If not, it's a must.

Ok, so now that that well deserved sidebar is over, at the very end of the performance when the two climb up the stairs to go into the crowd (Did I mention that Hubby and I watched a live taping of the Jimmy Fallon Show years ago? Too bad we weren't there for this performance, I could have been on tv!), that's when I saw the flash of red on JT's shoes and my obnoxious epiphany came about.

If Louboutins for men really are a fad or status symbol, if the likes of Bravolebrities are wearing said shoe, shouldn't it be too passe for an A-list star like Timberlake? Shouldn't he be on to the next big fashion status symbol shoe? I can't even name the designer that would be because it would be so ahead of fashion time that even this Target wearing alleged fashionista wouldn't know about it! 

So then I thought I'd check out what other men wear Louboutins? 

Pharrell Christian Louboutin Louis Studded Sneakers

Kevin Hart

Justin Bieber

Lil Wayne

I think these celebrities further prove my point, no? I thought Justin Timberlake was further along the fashion evolution spectrum, but no he's right at the midpoint, where all the plebeians get their fashion mandates.

And so now it appears that men do not want to be left off the red bandwagon, they too need to bling out their shoes and what better way to do it than with a status symbol shoe? Let's be honest, it's better than watching them walk around in Herve Leger bandage pants, right?

Hervé Léger 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Biggest Loser: Boot Camp DVD

The last time I took the kids to Barnes and Noble for some reading time, I parked by the DVD entrance. As  I walked through I thought I'd check if they had a fitness section and my goodness it was huge! Seriously, I don't know why I never went to B&N to peruse workout videos, their selection is much larger than Target, where I had previously purchased DVDs. As I was going through the sporadically alphabetical listing of workouts I came across The Biggest Loser section. I don't watch The Biggest Loser, but as you know I'm addicted to Bob Harper and Jillian Micheals so my eyes were quickly drawn to this section. I have once done a Biggest Loser workout on ExerciseTV, so I was familiar with the fact that the only way Biggest Loser workouts were different than Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels workouts was because the Biggest Loser contestants were in the background. So basically branding was the only differentiating factor.

 And since I appreciate a vigorous Bob Harper workout and only have a couple (And since I own most Jillian Micheals DVDs to say I'm familiar with her exercises would be an understatement), I chose a Biggest Loser routine that was hosted by BH. I'm always hesitant to buy a workout without doing any research on it, so I quickly pulled out my phone and read reviews on this DVD on Amazon. Reviews were good so on to the purchase line as planned. Hey, it's 30% off, my lucky day! Now it costs the same as workout DVDs at Target!

The next morning I was anxious to start my new routine. There's nothing more exhilarating than trying a new workout DVD, it's like watching a the season premiere of RHOBH, I look forward to it from the reunion of the previous season all the way up to the months' long worth of previews. I know, I have little excitement in my life. Thankfully, the workout lived up to all the hype I had created in my head!

The workout is broken up into five parts, warm up, level 1, level 2, level 3 and cool down. The workout is intended for beginners to do level 1 for a week and then add on level 2 and then three. Being the professional workout DVD athlete that I am, I went ahead and did all three levels, making the workout a little under an hour. I was a little apprehensive thinking that since it was aimed for beginners it was going to be easy, but I had faith in the Amazon reviewers and hoped for an authentic Bob Harper DVD. After huffing, puffing and sweating my way through I can truly say that this is a decently rigorous workout even for the established workout DVDers. It's nothing over the top, but just hard enough to be able to complete and feel like you've accomplished a workout.

The warm up jumps straight into squats, so if you've just woken up and are feeling lethargic you may want to stretch out a bit because it's not like other Bob Harper warm-ups. This goes straight into raising your heart rate, similar to Jillian Micheals warm ups. (Perhaps this DVD was made before Bobby created his own style?) I like that it's not five minutes wasted on stretching the hamstrings, it actually gets the blood pumping early on.

Level 1 is 20 minutes and has a mix of strength training and cardio. I used five lb weights which made the workout the perfect intensity for me. There was one section that seemed a bit too low impact cardio, so I just stepped it up and kept my feet going the entire time. He tends to do a modified/beginner version then moves to harder, but you can easily stick the the harder version the whole time.

Level 2, which is 15 minutes long, definitely steps it up. I kept my five lb weights which made it very difficult. The backwards lunge to a kick and arm raise really tired me out, I had to rest my foot a few times because of the 5lb weights. I did this section with 3lb weights once and it wasn't nearly as difficult. So you can easily curtail the whole workout based on how hard of a workout you want.

Here's a snippet of level 1 and level 2...

Level 3, 10 minutes long, was and was not disappointing. After 35 minutes of getting my heart pumping and being short of breath, I was worried about the last ten minutes of what was supposed to be the most difficult, but it wasn't. It uses an arm band (or you can use weights. I've done both ways, but when I use weights I have to use both 5 and 3 lb weights, depending on the movement.) to work the arm muscles. It's basic strength training exercises that is a nice ending to the workout, but I would not consider it level 3 difficulty, whatever that arbitrary term is supposed to mean.

And lastly the cool down does it's job. Sometimes when I'm in a rush I don't do the full five minute cool down, but  just do my own quick stretches.

 Oh, and I must comment on the contestants! I have never watched an episode of The Biggest Loser. My only familiarity with the contestants was when I was in Chicago a couple of years ago a friend pointed out to me a Biggest Loser contestant in a bar we were in. I think she had dark hair, but I couldn't pick her out in a line up.

So all the individuals fit the image in my head of what  a weight loss competitor would look like except Ali. Girlfriend, what did you look like before getting on this show? Her arms were amazingly cut and her body trim, she had the moves down perfectly, no modifications for her and perfect form. And so I went to do a little research on her, apparently she used to be a professional swimmer and when she stopped swimming she gained a large amount of weight because she gave up all activity. So obviously exercise was not foreign to her as it probably was with many other contestants. Regardless, big props to her!

Overall, this is a great workout routine. Nothing new, nothing different, just the same stuff mixed into a different format. The length is doable and it doesn't feel boring or stagnant. I highly recommend it!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella

This is appetizer recipe is one I make quite often when we have guests over not only because Hubby always requests it, but it's also super easy to make and appears sophisticated, or so it does in the Tiffin Girl household. I can't remember the first time I made this dish, I feel like it's been in my repertoire for quite awhile. I think it may have been for Bambina's first birthday party. We can all admit that a 1 year old's birthday party is really for the parents and their friends, not for their kids. Hooray, I survived a year of sleepless nights, incessant crying and poopy diapers!  The dish was gone quickly, but it quite possibly could have been because of Hubby. Seriously, this snack to him is like chocolate to a hormonal woman. 

The dish can be a little costly if you have a large crowd considering prosciutto is not the cheapest of ingredients. And neither are fresh mozzarella balls. I usually get the smallest size of mozzarella balls and cut the prosciutto thinly so the prosciutto goes a longer way. Granted, people probably just eat more of it that way, but at least it looks like you have more! 

The recipe actually calls for basil and cherry tomatoes as well, but hubby doesn't care for tomatoes and one time I made it without basil, because I forgot to buy it at the store, and hubby still loved it so now I make it with just prosciutto and mozzarella. For the vegetarians, at Bambina's bday party, I made caprese skewers and placed it next to this dish with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil with a little olive oil sprinkled over it.

8 thin slices of prosciutto (halved)
8 small mozzarella balls (If also using cherry tomatoes, half the balls)
8 cherry tomatoes halved (optional)
8 large basil leaves torn to pieces (optional)
1 Tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

Wrap prosciutto and torn basil around halved mozzarella balls and halved cherry tomatoes. Secure with toothpick. After all are complete, sprinkle with 1 Tbsp olive oil and salt and pepper.

 Amateur Cooking Difficulty Scale: 2
This is one of the easiest recipes in my appetizer collection (and one of the few), it takes very little work. Although, the more you make, the more tedious it becomes, thus the score of 2. 

It's easy. It's chic. I've been told it's tasty. So why not make it? 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Building My Dream Board: A Naeem Khan Gown

Naeem Khan Tulle & Chiffon Combo Gown in Gold (coral) - Lyst

The words Naeem Khan were never foreign to me, it was just another designer that was mentioned on the red carpet who my ears perked up to because it was an Indian name. (Always have to give kudos to Indian American success stories!) It wasn't until I was watching Real Housewives of New York City (Go figure, all roads point to Bravo in my world) that I became familiar with the brand. Naeem Khan's wife, Ranjana, had a reoccurring role on the show as Carole Radziwill's good friend. Ranjana has her own jewelry line which she seemed to be using the show as a platform to advertise said jewelry. I'm not sure why considering she is married to a man that is in the upper eschalon of fashion society, why does she need to go on a reality show to hock her jewelry? Is it sold at Charming Charlie? Seriously, who does she think  comprises the demographics of Bravo viewers? Have you listened to the callers on Watch What Happens Live?

Anyways, I found her jewelry to be quite chunky and gaudy with a bit of delicate to tone it down. Some pieces were beautiful, while others I just didn't care for.


Ranjana Khan

These statement pieces are very intricate and bedazzled, perfect to juxtapose against a simple black dress or really any simple solid dress. 

And so I was intrigued to check out her husband's work. In the reunion taping of Housewives of NYC there was some fodder about Luann asking to borrow a Naeem Khan gown only to be shunned for asking a man of his stature, who loans out clothes to Michelle Obama to wear his clothes for a tabloid fluff piece. The nerve! At least someone realizes that Naeem Khan is not a man that should be showing his face on a show about middle aged women grabbing on to their last chance in life for some fame. 

And so I went to check out some of his work and I fell in love. Literally, his dresses are so stunning and beautiful. I love how he takes his Indian roots but marries them with modern, American silhouettes to create gowns. The colors, the sparkles, the styles, oh my! 

Naeem Khan RS13 1890

Naeem Khan Resort 2010 collection - off white or ivory long gowns as stylish and unique wedding dresses


And he's not a designer that is a hidden gem, oh no, he's well known among celebrities for his work.

Our fashion forward FOTUS has really put Khan's name on the mainstream map, she's known to have worn his gowns on multiple occasions.

Michelle Obama

And plenty of other celebrities have strutted their Naeem Khan dressed stuff on the red carpet.

Carrie Underwood in a red Naeem Khan Resort 2008 plunge neck gown at Movies Rock 2007
Carrie Underwood

Nikki Reed

Hannah Simone

Nicole Richie - Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet
Nicole Richie

eva longoria naeem khan cute 02
Eva Longoria

I love how he can diversify his style, while at first I thought it was all bling and pizzazz (which I loved)  he's also able to minimize the glamour factor yet still turn out an amazing dress. And the color, the rich, vibrant colors are so beautiful! 

As I was looking at Naeem Khan dresses the word bridal came up numerous times. I don't believe he designs wedding dresses, but I do see how many of his dresses could double as a wedding gown.

This dress is absolutely stunning. It truly personifies what I adore in this designer. It's so reminiscent of  Indian garb, but westernized to be worn without looking too culturally displaced. 

This is a dress I would have considered wearing to my own wedding reception (I wore a separate sari to the wedding and reception). Indian style but somewhat Western, love the fusion of the two cultures. 

Or maybe I would have worn this dress. Would three costume changes have been too much?

And so why did someone married to a man of such craftsmanship show her face on Bravo? To be Ranjana Khan, married to such a talented and skilled man must be like being married to the CEO of Godiva, can you imagine what her closet looks like? Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, nutty chocolate! Yumm. Why waste your time with Ramona the Pinot lush Singer when you could be spending your time hobnobbing with the first lady wearing the golden jewels of clothes? 

.Naeem Khan, Ranjana Khan
Ranjana and Naeem Khan

Ranjana and Naeem Khan

And so no, I will never purchase a Naeem Khan gown. Firstly, I cannot fathom the price of such a gown considering celebrities borrow said gown to wear to paparazzi filled events (Although, Michelle Obama has also been known to wear White House Black Market and J Crew.). And secondly, where would I wear a bedazzled, sequined, golden, long off the shoulder garb? To H-E-B to buy some broccoli? Or to Goodyear to get my tires rotated? Seriously, there's a reason why the price is so high because the average person doesn't have as many events to wear this to as does a celebrity, who normally doesn't even pay for the gown!

So I will be tacking an image of a Naeem Khan gown on to my virtual dream board next to a photo of a red carpet, because if I get the gown, could I also get an invitation to attend the Oscars next year?

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