Monday, July 29, 2013

Remembering Kate Middleton's Maternity Style

In honor of birth of the future King of England, I felt it was necessary to take a look back at his mother's fashion sense while he was in the womb. The Duchess epitomizes my own personal fashion ambitions (if I were a royal wife), she's conservative yet also trendy, something you rarely see in celebrities. She knows how to dress for every occasion, whether it's riding boots for a game of polo...

...a white dress for Wimbledon...

(Love the charm bracelet!)

...or jeans and a hoodie for her own round of tennis! (I would have gone with shorts, but with the fullf ace of makeup I'm assuming she's at one of her charity events.) 

And of course, the Duchess knows how to turn it up for those elegant affairs.

Now some will argue that since becoming a royal, Kate's style has become less bold and risky and more conservative and bland, well if Kate's style is considered conservative and bland, sign me up for a big plate of it because as a 30 year old woman, and now mother, I find her style to be on point. At a certain age, jumping on the bandwagon of every trend out there just does not work. 

Regardless of how you want to describe Kate's style, people love to see what Kate is wearing, so in pregnancy we were all anxious to see what maternity styles Kate was going to razzle and dazzle us with. Yeah, yeah we wanted to see the bump, but more importantly, we wanted to see what was covering the bump, Stella McCartney? Burberry? Alexander McQueen? Top Shop, yes all of those...

Kate looks so chic in this peach colored dress with a matching coat at a similar length. She looks oh so peachy.

I love this polka dotted Top Shop dress with a simple, black quasi-blazer on top. Possibly my favorite of all her maternity styles. 

Kate Middleton
So while her bump is barely noticeable here, according to records she was and so this ensemble deserves a place on this page. You know I'm as sucker for a wrap dress and I love the cami inside for more coverage, so classy! 

I'm not the biggest fan of the print on this one, but I do love the silhouette. And come on, the Duchess can do no wrong. 

I don't like animal  print, but this totally works on Kate. It's like her coat is her dress! And girlfriend is rocking that headpiece, kind of. 

This is such a simple, conservative dress, perfect for a very conservative function. Covers all, but accentuates the belly. 

This is one of my favorites, you can't see the belly, but it's hiding under the puffy jacket and skinny jeans. And love the boots! 

Another coat that doubles as an ensemble, and in bright yellow. Something most pregnant women would steer clear of for fear of being called tweety bird, but here it's just so flattering. And again, the head piece does not look at all like a large ribbon atop a Christmas present. 

And can I just say mass kudos to the Duchess for her beautiful look post delivery, walking out the hospital door baby and hubby in tow looking like she just won a beauty pagent. I mean, when I walked out the hospital door...err hopsital rules I had to be wheeled out... I was looking like Weird Al Yankovich and pretty much acting that like him due to lack of sleep delirium. But not Kate, oh no. I have never a seen a woman look so beautiful right after delivery. I thought you were supposed to have that pregnancy glow in the second trimester, once the nausea wears off and the uncomfortableness of third trimester has yet to set in, but not right after stepping out of the hospital! 

I love how she's rocking the slowly deflating uterus. Most women cover up their post delivery 20 week pregnancy look when they are leaving the hospital. But not the Duchess, she's wearing it proudly, even accentuating it with an empire waist gown. And oh those polka dots are just so adorable.

So no, I don't have a girl crush on the mother of the future King. I mean she's beautiful, dresses regally and married to one future King and the mother of another King, but no I don't adore her. I mean, I would make an entire blog post about her if I did. 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Official, The DVR is No Longer Recording The Real Housewives of New Jersey


I'm done. Glitter? Done. Animal Print? Done. Horrendously fake tans? Done.  Fake tanned women wearing glitterized animal print? Done, done and done. The Real Housewives of New Jersey has always ranked low on my list of favorites of the Housewives franchise. It was only one above Atlanta and I stopped watching that one years ago. The Danielle Staub drama early on was a little too dark for me. The other girls all seemed to be your typical debt filled Housewife requisite women who enjoy each other's company because they enjoy the fuel to talk behind each other's back. And then you thrown in a raging Histrionic possibly Borderline Personality Disorder woman and the show took on a direction that was just unhealthy.

And then Danielle left and everyone turned on Teresa, who brought out a money hungry, will-throw-my friends-under-the-bus-if-you-cross-me personality which kept the show in that dark place. And in hopes to increse ratings...err garner backup for Teresa they bring in Teresa's family members and the show starts getting interesting. (Sadly) You see the relationships play out with Teresa's family members as tarnished as they are. And then it just takes a turn for the worse like Dylan Mckay driving the Hollywood Hills after snorting some coke, the result was horrendous. The media spotlight heightened the tarnished relationships only to lead to catty fights and exposure of private familial conversations at reunion shows. 

Bravo is putting out there a television show where a family is breaking apart, emotionally feuding and also physically feuding. It's disgusting that these people can't even save face for the camera as to not show the world their dirty, stanky laundry. Oh no, not only are they choosing to film their family strife, but the twitter! The vicious tweets have become so much a part of their communication that if you watch the show, Bravo has to show their tweets to explain the situation. And then they all go on talk shows to promote the show but refuse to be taped together, and they are supposed to be family? 

I. Just. Can't. I've had enough. I can't watch a family break a part over such juvenile issues. It's one thing to have raw, selfish emotion, we're all human. But to act on it in a juvenile fashion like calling out someone's debt or punching someone in the face is just ridiculous. I refuse to watch a family set such a disgusting example for their young children. 

So bye bye Teresa and your tabloid selling ways. Admitting to it one minute and denying it the next. While I enjoyed watching the banter of your daughters, at the same time I worry what will the result of all this be on them.

Bye bye Caroline and your husband's alleged infidelities and your forthright personality. Granted, your children were the saving grace of this show, but I cannot put up with listening to you proclaim yourself the matriarch of the group.

Bye bye Jacqueline. My heart aches for your autism journey with your son, but I really can't watch you drink black water. It looks like you're drinking something toxic, and how badly does it stain your teeth?

Bye bye...what's her name? Oh yeah, Kat...oh, Kathy!  Yes, your husband's sarcasm drives me insane, so I won't miss him. Good look on your Cannoli venture.

And sayonara, Melissa and your tit for tat ways. You're just as much responsible for your feud with Teresa as you claim she is. Good luck with that, I don't want to hear one more inane insult she has hurled at you, because there are just as many you've hurled back.

How does this show still get ratings? Well, Honey Boo Boo is also ranked high, so I guess that explains it all. 


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Revenge Wears Prada: Somebody Please Green-light this Movie!

Despite the 30 something wait list at the library, I finally read the book! And let me tell you something, it did not disappoint! 

The book fast forwards ten years where Andy and her old assistant partner/boss at Runaway, Emily, are now partners at their own wedding magazine. Not only are they partners, but the best of friends. The first scene is the day of Andy's wedding to an investor of the magazine, kind of a JFK Jr type, who is also best friends with Emily's husband. (Isn't that cute? She says sarcastically.) So Andy is stepping into wealth and society once again, but this time through marriage. As Andy struggles with marriage and running a popular magazine she gets a call from the company that owns Runaway Magazine, which Miranda Priestly now runs, in hopes of acquiring Andy and Emily's magazine. The book centers around Andy vacillating the offer, having flash backs to the old days of Runaway and struggling to make a decision.

Initially when I started the book, on Andy's wedding day, I was a little worried that the story was going to be stagnant like Devil Wears Prada, where it's the same drama getting played out with no change coming about. Andy was borderline masochistic for refusing to leave Runaway magazine until the end of the book where she finally has her Oprah Aha Moment. Thankfully, Revenge Wears Prada did not play out the same way. There was constant movement in the book, the story line moves along at the perfect pace leaving you at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen and I must say, the book did not at all end as I had anticipated it would.

 I could easily delve farther into the book and divulge all the details including the ending, which I would like to do. But you really need to read this book, and if it does become a movie I wouldn't want to ruin it for. 

Yes, a movie. This book would be perfect for a sequel to Devil Wears Prada. With one large contingency, that they can keep the entire cast. Everyone makes an appearance in this book, including Stanley Tucci's character! As I was reading the book I could envision all the characters reclaiming their roles. Even Emily Blunt who has gotten really big in Hollywood would have the supporting actress role in the movie. Granted, Meryl Streep's character isn't as big as it was in the first movie, so it might be tough to get her. Oh and Miranda Priestly's twins! They are now 18, can you imagine if they recast those same gLetrls? Granted, the actresses wouldn't be ten years older now, but probably old enough to pass as teenagers with makeup. And let me tell you, they are not what you would expect. And lets not forget smirky face Christian Collinsworth, even he's in there with all his condescension! 

Fingers crossed that there is a production company out there willing to bring this to the big screen. Devil Wears Prada was a huge hit, so of course the sequel will follow suit. With this story line, who wouldn't love this movie? (This coming from the woman who claims Parent Trap with Hayley Mills as one of her all time favorite movies.) 


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Brother: My Summer Guilty Pleasure

First of all, let me just say that if you are not on the Big Brother bus and are going to dismiss this blog post, hop aboard because you are seriously missing out on an edge of your seat, addictive game playing show

 So I've been hooked to Big Brother for the past four years, every summer I get giddy with anticipation waiting for the house guests to stake their claim of beds in the house. The backstabbing, showmances, floaters and of course the lovely Julie Chen just make my summers filled with excitement! I watched the first season of Big Brother fifteen years ago and then just fell off. I suppose I got lost in college and working and just didn't care to devote the time. (Even though I had more time then.) My brother and sister-in-law have watched the show religiously for years and somehow my brother convinced me to watch one summer and then I got Hubby hooked and now it's our summer pastime. We DVR episodes and watch after the kids go to bed, pausing throughout the episode to discuss our thoughts on the game play.

Now, I do not subscribe to the live feeds because I don't have the time to sit in front of the computer and watch every conniving move that is played. Instead, I read blogs from those who do pay for the live feeds and keep up on what is going on in the house. And so when the show ends on Thursday night, first thing Friday morning I go to and find out who won Head of Household, and then throughout the weekend I check to see who was nominated, who is MVP, who the MVP nomination is and who wins VETO.  Initially, Hubby didn't want me to tell him what I was reading, but now he jumps ahead of me and tells me what's going on! 

And what I've learned from reading about the live feeds is that CBS massacres the live footage! There is so much that goes on in one week that just can't be packed into three hours, and being that it is a network program on during prime time, it's limited on what can be aired. For instance, in Sunday nights episode Helen confronts Howard about the Moving Company, only for him to deny it. What the viewer isn't shown is that McCrae, Amanda and Spencer have already told Helen about the Moving Company alliance. So Helen was setting Howard up and seeing how trustworthy he is. Additionally, Howard is so hated by the others (Which was obvious given that Amanda was pushing Elissa to nominate him) but the reason for the intense hatred is shown in the live feeds. It appears that Howard has a tendency to lie and lies on the Bible. I wonder if CBS is hesitant to show that? 

Granted, CBS also is restricted with the FCC on what they can broadcast. Thankfully CBS is limited from airing footage of the raunchy discussions the house guests have or some of the hookups. I didn't need the Amanda and McCrae play by play that unfortunately I was cyber privy too. I also find it interesting that Howard and Candace appear to have a showmance, but it hasn't been shown on television. 

One thing about the show that I absolutely hate to admit to is that a vast majority of the women that go on this show are far too emotional, thus the reason why men usually win, emotions are your downfall in this game. If you get nominated, don't cry, it's part of the game. If you do get evicted, don't cry, it's just a game. And if your showmance partner gets nominated, don't cry the other houseguests are playing the game and breaking up an alliance, you and your showmancer. I can understand that being cooped up in that house with no outside connection and talking game 24/7 can mess with your mind, but that only explains for so much. The emotions not only make you a bad game player but also just an embarrassment to watch. Case in point, Gina Marie in agony over Nick leaving, walking around with Nick's shorts pretending it's invisible Nick. Homeboy didn't even like you, he was just using you for a faux-alliance. Girlfriend is going to get a rude awakening when she leaves the house and finds out not only does she not have a boyfriend, but no job. 

And that leads us to the racism issue this season. Of course I can't talk about the show without acknowledging the vulgar, racist comments by Aaryn and Gina Marie. (And anyone else?) Both girls have lost their jobs because of their comments, but they have no idea because CBS has not told them. I'm anxious to see when either of them get evicted what Julie Chen will say to them. Will she acknowledge it to them? Of course America wants to see their reactions when they are told they lost their jobs due to racist comments. We all saw Aaryn's reaction when Amanda confronted her about it and told her she was a racist, Aaryn got completely defensive and denied that was the case. 

And then we had the second Aaryn/Amanda confrontation about racism when Aaryn decided to flip Candace's bed out of anger in the midst of Kaitlyn, Jeremy and Aaryn all bullying Jessie for flipping sides with Kaitlin claiming she feels like she's back in high school except she's on the other side to which Aaryn clarifies, the loser side? (So these girls think they are the ones getting bullied?) And then Amanda overhears everything and barges in and basically puts Aaryn in her place, letting her know the way she's coming across, to which Aaryn has no real response.

Ahh Amanda. I must say I'm really gunning for her. She's a no nonsense kind of girl who knows how to play this game without crying a river. She thinks logistically and knows to put herself first. Her downfalls will be her blunt personality and her showmance with McCrae, an alliance that eventually will have to be broken. I was rooting for Helen, but her HOH this week has really gone to her head and she needs to get a little better about not being so open to everyone and guarding her alliance members.

Live eviction tonight! Looks like Jeremy is out, which as a physical competitor he's pretty strong, but mentally he couldn't even hold his as seen in last week's HOH. While Aaryn is a serious mean girl and a good person to get out, without Jeremy she only has Kaitlyn and Gina Marie to back her so she shouldn't get too far. She's still holding a grudge about David being kicked out and I don't think she can get over that and play the game to move forward. She's already crumbled, it's just a matter of time before she meets Julie, and thus Jeremy is the one to get out this week.

And if you're looking for a good BB spoiler synopsis site, check out buddytv, you don't have to read through every bit of conversation that goes on, it gives you the pertinent information that you won't see or don't have to wait for CBS. 


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ranking Emily Giffin Novels

If you are a girly girl and you love romantic comedies and chic lit books, then continue reading this post. If you detest girly books much like Moushumi detested American television in the book The Namesake, then perhaps this author isn't for you. And if that's the case perhaps this blog isn't for you.

I first became familiar with Emily Giffin about five years ago when a girlfriend of mine recommended I read the book Something Borrowed and immediately I was hooked. And then of course I had to read the sequel, Something Blue, and then quickly on to her third book called Baby Proof (Not in connection to the other two). 

And then I went into a reading sabbatical. I knew Giffin had put out three more books during my rest period, but after reading the synopses I never felt too interested in reading them, until this past month. I started with Love the One You're With, then Where We Belong and just finished Heart of the Matter last week. The great part about her books is that they are such easy reads. The books really draw you in and they are fast reads so you can easily finish the book in a couple of days. 

Emily Giffin's books all tend to center around women in their 30s living in New York City and searching for happiness in their relationships. What I love the best is that she doesn't waste time in description. I hate books that go into depth describing what the bathtub looks like in their hotel in Anguilla. (Such is the case with Revenge Wears Prada. Oh, did I mention the book came in from the library? Halfway through, will review later this week.) Because there is not descriptive explanations of irrelevant locale, the book moves fast. Which is also what I love. I hate when a story remains at a standstill with the protagonist dissecting the minutiae of the dilemma they are faced with. I don't want to read a soap opera in a book, I want to know the outcome.

And now that I've finished all of her books, I thought I'd rank the order of my liking, in case you have not yet read them you will know which were the best and worth reading. (Actually, I recommend you read them all.) I am going to go in backwards order and reveal number one at the end, although through process of elimination it will be obvious.

6. Something Blue 
Something Blue is the sequel to Something Borrowed and is story of Darcy traveling to London where she delivers the baby and starts her life anew. Basically, if you abhorred Darcy in Something Borrowed, then you will see her get her well deserved karmic retribution. Overall, I just didn't care for the story as much because I never felt a connection with Darcy, so an entire book centered around her is too much.

5. Where We Belong
This book revolves around two protagonists. A woman has a baby and gives her up for adoption when she is just 18 years old. Now the daughter is 18 years old and comes searching for her birth parents. The birth mother kept the birth a secret, the only person who knows is her own mother, so the story is the quest for the daughter to unveil all of her mother's secrets. This one had the potential to be a really good story, and I actually really enjoyed it, but I felt the emotions in the story just weren't accurate. At the denouement there seemed to be a quick switch in emotions in order to  have a happy ending, although there was some room in the end to lead toward a possible sequel, perhaps the continuing love story of the birth parents? 

Now this is where the rankings start getting tough as the last four I love!
4. Heart of the Matter
Initially when I read the synopsis I didn't think I would enjoy this much too much, but because it was an Emily Giffin book, and I had read all the others, I decided to give it a try. So this story centers around two women who share a connection through a surgeon. One woman is the wife of the surgeon and the other is the mother of a patient of the surgeon. I don't want to give too much away, but you can pretty much guess from that sentence that some dalliance is involved here. One of my favorite parts of the book is that the characters from Something Borrowed return and you can see where they are now! 

3. Baby Proof
This book I read years ago and it's actually currently in my library bag to re-read after I finish Revenge Wears Prada because I remember loving the book but don't recall the ending. This book is about a couple who get married and decided, before marriage, that children are not for them only for one of them to change their mind after getting married. You know how sometimes where you are in life will change how you perceive a book? Now that I'm married and have children I'm anxious to read the book again to see my take on it.

2. Love the One You're With
This is the book that brought me back to Emily Giffin books and had me yearning to read her entire collection. The story revolves around a young woman (in her late 20s living in New York, of course!) who recently married her best friend's brother and is in madly in love. But then her ex-boyfriend, who she has unresolved feelings for, comes back into her life and the turmoil and emotions that results. This is such a sappy, Lifetime movie book but it had me riveted, I couldn't put it down. What can I say, I'm a sappy, Lifetime movie kinda girl! Oh, and I did shed tears in this book. 

1. Something Borrowed
So of course I had to put Giffin's first book, the book that started my obsession, as number one. It's the first book I've ever read that I was just so into that I couldn't put it down. (Although Judy Blume's Summer Sisters comes in a close second, but I was on a plane back from Hawaii, I had nothing else to do but read!) This is the love story of Dex and Rachel, but there is one tiny problem. Dex is engaged to Rachel's best friend Darcy. It's the first story where an affair is glorified and the affair comes out on top. In case you missed it, Something Borrowed was a chic flick with Ginnifer Goodwin playing Rachel and Kate Hudson playing Darcy. Oh! And Jim Halpert plays Ethan, personally I think he stole the movie simply with his facial expressions.

Now, if you haven't read an Emily Giffin novel, I think it's high time you enter into the world of 30 something women living in New York battling relationships. If you're not a big reader, not to worry these books fly by, don't be intimidated by their length. And if you are an avid reader and don't want to be bothered with this fluff, be bothered by the fluff! Great easy reads for when your mind is inundated with enough stress that you just need a light, easy escape. 

And if you're more of a movie person and watched Something Borrowed, Emily Giffin recently tweeted asking if her tweeters were ready for the movie of Something Blue! 


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Finding A Chic Yet Resourceful Diaper Bag


I love a good handbag, it's like my Achilles heal, I would do anything to get a handbag that I have fallen in absolute infatuation with. I've always said that I don't understand people's obsession with shoes, but when I compare it to a handbag, then I understand. The structure of the bag, the color, the size, it just brings over all sorts of giddy! From big, industrial everyday handbags to cute clutches at night, I love them all. (Although I've always tended to prefer the former.) And so when I got pregnant with Sweet Pea one of my biggest excitements was getting to pick a diaper bag. (And that I was having a baby, of course.) I knew I wanted to go the chic route. I didn't want your typical, boring diaper bag like the one shown above. I needed some pizzaz to it, but little did I know that in my price range there really weren't that many cute options. So initially I did buy a Carter's Messenger bag, thinking that was the best in my price range. It was your typical mommy style, kind of cute and not in the four digit price range.

I actually bought it in blue thinking that if my second child was a boy I didn't want a pink diaper bag. Ha! Little did I know the amount of bags I accumulate before Bambino was even born! (I told you, I like a good handbag.)  So after the Carter's bag I knew I needed one that represented more of my style. At this time I wasn't really into bright colors and mommy looks, I wanted something sophisticated that didn't look like a diaper bag, so I purchased this one.

Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

Oh yes, that's Jessica Alba wearing the timi and leslie Charlie diaper bag. (Don't worry, I didn't break the bank on this one, bought it with gift card and it wasn't that expensive.) I absolutely adored this bag! It was huge, which I loved and didn't look so diaper bagesque. But then the seams started to rip on the inside, apparently I used it a bit too much, or there was a reason it was the price it was.

And so then I went through a couple more diaper bags, some just being handbags that I bought at Banana Republic or Target. I did succumb to mommyhood and purchased a Vera Bradley bag for when I had a weekend trip or just an all day trip where I needed to pack a ton of stuff.

Product Image

This is great for getaways, but I found that for everyday use people steered clear of me worried that as I bent over to pick up a child they were going to get wacked straight in the head with my huge bag filled with what? You're only going to Target, how many diaper changes are you anticipating? And really, how did I ever like the print of a Vera Bradly bag, it's not me. It's like a wearing a jumper, it may be stylish, but just not me.

Lastly (of course not really lastly) I fell into the Petunia Pickle Bottom craze. 

Product Image

I love the shape and print (The more kids I have the more I like colors. Probably because it helps blend in jelly and crayola stains), but again just too big.

And so the other day I was perusing Pottery Barn Kids and came across the cutest diaper bags! And then I went searching around the Internet for the latest styles in diaper bags (Because I got the itch...for a diaper bag, not another baby.) and there are so many better options than just three years ago! But, considering I just gone one from 31 gifts early this summer for a pool bag, I knew I had to use all my restraint to not purchase one like a kid with a peanut allergy given a big bowl of peanut butter reeces pieces. I mean, how mean is that?

I love this style and of course the monogram, what is it about motherhood that makes you have to brand your initials on everything like they're cows?

I was crazily obsessed with this bag for awhile, I loved the style and how huge it was, but I just couldn't succumb to the price. So instead I bought the Petunia Pickle Bottom, compared to this it was a steal!

While looking up diaper bags I hit the jackpot looking at Etsy! There are a lot of mothers out there who stay at home and design bags and sell them. They know what other mother's want regarding style and utility (And apparently mother's are really obsessed with chevron print). I'm really jonesing for a new bag right now...

WATER PROOF Best Seller Diaper bag / Tote Bag / Messenger bag  STOCKHOLM Gray and ecru nautical stripe - 10 Pockets Made to order
Esty- ikabags
I'm really loving bags with prints and colors, definitely an evolution from my pre-mommy days of pure solid, drab colors. I love the contrast of the print and the bold red.

SALE - 10% OFF - tote women bag, Black white large diaper bag, Messenger bag, travel bag, school bag
Etsy- CrazyBoy
I love this huge, stuff bag. I'm assuming it doesn't have sectioned off compartments, which I prefer, but still so cute nonetheless.

Baby Gift Set-----Diaper  Clutch and First Aid Bag  and Changing Pad---Chevron---Zig Zag You choose the colors
Etsy- A Little Blush
This diaper/wipe clutch is too precious. I love how you can keep both the diapers and wipes and dump them into your bag. And, the clutch is trendy enough to be used as a purse as well. Just don't give the valet a diaper for his tip.

Something about this pattern quickly drew me in. I'm not a fan of the messenger bag on such a clunky shape, but it is resourceful when you've got a kids to wrangle.

Storksak '<em>Kate</em>' <em>Patent Diaper Bag</em> Chalk/ Tan
I like the simplicity of this bag, but white? One trip to Gymboree and putting your bag in one of those cubbies while you sing the "Hello, hello and how are you" song and the bottom will be covered in dirt and more.

Neiman Marcus
This MARC by Marc Jacobs bag has the perfect mix of stripes and bold color, and polka dots! Love!

Saks Fifth Avenue
I am not a fan of Burberry, I find their patterns to be worse than Houndstooth coats, but this bag screams my name! The color, the structure, I'll even take the messenger strap!

Now of course, there are a plethora of bags out there that don't have the diaper bag moniker, but still quite capable to be used for those baby essentials.

No, not a diaper bag and it's white, but I've been eyeing this bag for quite awhile and can I tell you that I'm in love? Not quite the most functional, but I could totally rock this as my bag with the kids! 

If you've never shopped Fossil before, their spring/summer handbag colors are adorable and perfect for a diaper bag. I really like the colors and print of this one and how it can easily be tossed over the shoulder ready to take someone out as you go down to pick up your child as he is sipping on a stranger's sippy cup at a bounce house, not that that has happened to me before.

These shopper bags have been trending for awhile now, could easily double as a diaper bag. May not be the most organized in there, but you'd look so chic.

I want you to know I really went out on a limb for you, doing this post. I mean, you wouldn't ask an alcoholic to sip vodka for a taste test. And it's not like any of these companies are providing me with a free bag to post on this blog! After the Andy Cohen debacle, I don't think anyone's going to want to offer anything free to me.

Seriously though, for those who are actually in need of a diaper bag there are some great options out there that are not that expensive, especially if you go the Etsy route. And the biggest advice I can give, after going through many bags, is that you don't have to be confined to a diaper bag, anything can be used to carry the baby junk (And I'm not talking about that extra tire you have post baby number two), for some reason I didn't get the memo when I bought my first diaper bag at Carter's. What was I thinking?