I love fashion, but  you couldn't tell by looking at me. I'm probably one of the people Louis Licari and Jill Martin would choose for an Ambush Makeover, but it's only because my time is preoccupied with running a household instead of  buying the most update skinny crops from Loft. It's hard for me to justify spending $50 on a new bracelet when I put that money in terms of baby food and diapers, so instead I dream big.. I do make the occasional splurge, but since I spend most of my time in H-E-B, there's no need for those skinny crops.

Dream Board Fashion
DVF Wrap Dress
Chanel Red Grand Shopper Tote
Hunter Boots
Naeem Khan Gown
Carrie Bradshaw's Last Night with Big Shoes

Red Carpet Styles
SAG Awards 2013
The Golden Globes 2013
Grammys 2013
The Academy Awards 2013
White House Correspondents' Dinner 2013
Kentucky Derby 2013
The MET Gala 2013
MTV VMAs 2013

I Just Don't Understand the Obsession
Floral Prints
Fanny Packs Are Back? Really?
I Detest Fall Clothing Styles

Great Finds
Cute, Summer Deals

Pregnancy Chic
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: White Party Vogue
Kim Kardashian... Mommy Blogger?
The Hunt for the Conservatively Modest Yet Trendy Bathing Suit
Now Men Are Going Louboutin Crazy Too?
Exploring Handbags at Saks: Reed Krakoff
The Search for a Chic yet Inexpensive Bathing Suit Cover up
Coachella Chic
The Bathing Suit Hunt Concludes!
What Color to Moccasin? I Need Your Help!
And the Moccasin Color Is...
Finding My Accessory Style
When Did Michelle and Michelle Tanner Dictate Fashion?
Finding a Chic yet Resourceful Diaper Bag
Kate Middleton Maternity Style
The No Sew Tote
Is it Ok to Be Dressed Head to Toe in Target?

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